Changes In My Asthma

Hi everyone! I'm new here. The past few months have been tough with my asthma. I live in Florida and we had an algae bloom of red tide. I had a family member come down for a vacation in October. I'd forgotten to check the status of the red tide and spent 3 days at the beach. I felt it immediately on day 1. I'd always heard the symptoms dissipate when you leave the beach but didn't realize that's not always the case for people who have breathing issues.


It took me 9 weeks to recover from the exposure. Symptoms daily. Mini attacks off and on all week. And one attack a week. My general doctor put me on advair and increased my proair. She told me to stay inside for a week at one point to try to help limit exposure even more. She was wanting the inflammation to subside too.


It seemed like it was taking me forever to recover. And when my birthday came in December I couldn't blow out the candles on my cake. That hasn't ever happened before. I'm trying to get an appointment with a pulmonologist. It's just been a lot and I'm glad to be here on the forums now with others who understand how frustrating it can be.


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  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, Amma … saw your other post as well … our family manages both food allergies and asthma, so we understand how those can complicate each other. 

    Hugs on not being able to blow out your candles! (But Belated Happy Birthday! )

    I think you are doing exactly the right thing about getting into see an asthma specialist. Another possibility, since you've recently had an allergic reaction … what about an allergist?

    Here's a super quick video that AAFA has … 

    You'll find great support here from folks who have been there, done that. I love this community!

  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    Hi Amma, welcome to the forums! My asthma symptoms increase when air quality is poor and consequently, I've had to use a vog mask to be outside whenever the air quality is yellow or worse.

    Without it, I have a lot of trouble breathing. With it, I'm able to be outside without any chest heaviness or a need to use my albuterol. I do try to stay indoors when the air quality is orange or higher…but that is not always realistic. 

    Have you considered wearing a mask while you're outside when there is red tide exposure? 

    So glad you found the forums and I hope that you get an appointment with a pulmonologist soon!