CBD oil and/or vaporized cannibas

Anyone tried them?  Testamonials are pretty positive.  I'm not hesitant to give it a go but high concentrate CBD is pricy.  Vaporized hash oil less so.  They certainly aren't snake oil.  The CBD is just drops under the tongue so there is no worry of an inhaled trigger.  ???????


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  • Amber Says Shine

    Cali resident, where we've legalized medical and adult use cannabis.

    I've vaped it before and my lungs just don't like it. I coughed like crazy the two times I tried it and decided never again. I use a muscle rub with CBD and a small amount of THC in it for joint and muscle pain. Stops the pain and is generally relaxing, which helps my chest/lungs, too. My dad, a retired chemist, makes his own MJ tincture and puts a few drops under the tongue at bedtime. Stops his arthritis in its tracks and helps him sleep (he's a Viet Nam Vet, with accompanying anxiety). I hope that's helpful!

  • Richard

    Thanks Amber.  I live in Colorado.  Our town of about 12 thousand has 6 dispenseries.  Lots to choose from.

  • K8sMom2002

    What does your doctor say? Cannabis is a complex chemical compound, and any chemical compound will carry risks and benefits. Your doctor can help you figure out whether a medication is appropriate for you.

    Also, if you are working, do check out your employee handbook and with HR. Even in states where marijuana is legal, companies can have policies that make a positive drug test a firing offense, and cannabis in any form can stay in the body for a while.

    I think it's early in the game to figure out whether cannabis or vaping (any sort of product including cannabis) is safe for the general population. But already there are signs that vaping is NOT safe. I saw this news article over the weekend:

    Research, though, is beginning to highlight some of the potential danger and independent risk they may pose: For example, e-cigarette use is associated with an increased risk of heart disease and heart attack, according to new research presented at the American College of Cardiology's 68th Annual Scientific Session.

    A friend of mine gave me this wonderful memory aid to discuss treatments and procedures with my doctor: BRAND

    B – benefits – what good will this do for me or my condition?

    R- risks – what are the downsides of using this?

    A – alternatives – what are other things we can try

    N – doing nothing – what happens if we do nothing and take a watchful waiting approach?

    D – decision - the decision that we come to as a team — doctor and patient together.

  • Richard

    Just to clear things up if there is a question, I'm not talking about cannabas products used recreationally.  I mean for asthma.  Sometimes going to an MD will get you the most conservative answer possible.  Liability?

    Take a look at our meds.  The side effects are documented and a mile long.  And I take our have taken nearly all of them.  So far, the side effects for cannabas is much shorter than for prednisone.

    What would you give up if you could breathe normally forever?  I'd give up a lot.


  • K8sMom2002
    Richard posted:

    Just to clear things up if there is a question, I'm not talking about cannabas products used recreationally.  I mean for asthma.  Sometimes going to an MD will get you the most conservative answer possible.  Liability?.

    Absolutely, Richard, I understood you weren't lighting up for recreational use. I get, too, that doctors tend to be conservative, but it's not necessarily because of liability — I think it's because they have an inside view of what could happen to the human body with exposure to any kind of substance, and they have respect for that. 

    Most of my docs, in fact, have been minimalists — they never want me to use any medication at a higher dose than I absolutely need for any longer than I absolutely need. And they are very careful about weighing risks versus benefits even about drugs that have been out for years.

    You included that important phrase, too: 

    So far …

    I recall a pharmacist that I knew in college. He cautioned me about getting involved with drugs in general and told me that in his toxicology classes, he was especially blown away by how complex a compound the active ingredient in cannabis is — that they didn't even really understand how it worked or what it affected. And that doesn't even take into considerations the chemicals that the cannabis plant may be grown in.

    You're right: many medications do indeed have long lists of side effects. Some of those come to light later … and I suspect that we will learn more about the risks and benefits of cannabis as more research is done. For some illnesses, it can be life-changing.

    But I haven't heard any sort of research on asthma and cannabis, except that smoking or vaping cannabis is no different than smoking tobacco products when it comes to hurting your lungs.

    Hopefully one day there will be more research on all sorts of medications and compounds to see how they help asthma. 

  • Richard

    Hi everyone. Well, after a very long time researching and procrastinating, I have begun using vaporized hash oil to see if it would have any effect on my asthma.  My incredibly small sample size is now five nights in a row.  The oil contains both cbd and thc.  I took one puff at 10:00 pm each of the five nights.  From the first day I found approx. 25% relief within 30 seconds.  I did not cough (vapor?).  Do you know how sometimes your asthma will include a tight pinch in the center of your chest?  That common symptom disappeared for me. I also lost the anxiety my asthma often has.  I slept straight through all five nights.  I am not condoning this for anyone but I'd like to keep you apprised.  It's VERY interesting.