California Fires Check-in

Are the southern California fires affecting you? The is calling it an action day … if you are affected, what have you been able to do to reduce the effect it has on your asthma?

According to :

Winds could still reach 80 miles per hour, said Chief Ken Pimlott of Cal Fire, the state firefighting agency. “These will be winds where there will be no ability to fight fires,” he said. Wind blowing from the northeast raised fears that the fire could jump the freeway, into the area around the Brentwood neighborhood and where the sprawling Getty sits on a hilltop overlooking the 405.

and other major developments …

• The fires in total destroyed more than 300 homes, businesses and other buildings.

• Fire and smoke forced the closing of the 101 freeway — the main coastal route north from Los Angeles. More than 1,700 firefighters were working on the blaze there.

• Hundreds of schools were ordered closed for the rest of the week because of the thick blanket of smoke filling the skies.

AAFA has a  for anyone who is trying to remember what we need to have prepared for in case of folks need to evacuate. 

And big hugs to all affected!


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  • Kathy P

    We are not as affected by these fires as we were the wine country ones. But we are being affected – there are "spare the air" days in effect warning people to not exercise out. Those also ban fires – so no fireplace, firepit or BBQ fires allowed. It's definitely hazy, but the smoke is up high and not causing as much problems for me.

    My friend's son is as UCSB and she's freaking out because they are still in classes and have finals next week. I'd remember if he has asthma – I think he does though

  • K8sMom2002

    Kathy, are you guys still being spared the worst of things? It seems like yesterday that I was watching the  for updates from members like you … California seems to have caught the absolute worst of it as far as fire season this year.

  • Kathy P

    For us, it's still mainly staying in the upper atmosphere, so not as bad.

    My friend's son who was at UCSB is now home – they cancelled finals and sent the kids home! She is very much relieved.