The doctor gave my daughter Brio.  She has been on Xopenex and Atrovent.  Those two meds were given to her at the hospital for phnemonia which she recovered from in April.  Her symptoms are deep coughing, shortness of breath, but she also has a deviated septum making it hard to breathe through her nose and she gets sinus infections a lot.  Sinus infections are common, I think because of the deviated septum.  But she can't get that operated on because of other problems she has.  So we're stuck! 

We went to a pulmonologist who gave her Brio.  It says not to prescribe it if she's stable on a coticasteriod (spelling?) steroid.  Well Xopenex and Atrovent are not sterioids.  So no she's not stable on a steroid….since she's not taking one. 

I'm not asking for medical advise.  I said all that to say:   Brio can cause phnemonia and sinus/respiratory infections which she already has a lot.  What a mess!  I don't want to give her the Brio.  Also it can cause asthma death …. they say not as MUCH as with a steroid which IS in Brio but they don't give numbers!  They don't offer statistics on death with Brio. 

I've read for days and still have no answers.  I'm half tempted to try FLONAISE as it's a steroid….over the  counter.  I know….talk to your doctor.  I've seen one PCP and one pulmonologist.  They disagree on med types. the only thing I like about brio is that it's once a day and she is mentally disabled so has a nurse AM and PM…..I am afraid to leave any inhalers with her as she may be out of breathe and take a dose….whether it's time or not.  Scary.  I'm only asking of your experiences.  Not medical advise.  I'm stuck with that impossible task I guess.  If anyone can relate please reply.  Thanks. Lynne  




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  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, Lynne, hugs on everything you have going on! How old is your daughter?

    Asthma meds can be super confusing … they were for me. That's why reading about the helped me talk to my doctor. There's even a that helps explain it better than I ever could.

    Breo is a controller medication that you take daily so that you can get your asthma under control. The Xopenex you mentioned is a "rescue" med that you take that is a quick relief medication to help during an asthma attack. 

    I know … the last thing you want to hear is to talk to your doctor, especially when you have two docs that aren't agreeing. But could you talk to your pulmonologist and use this guide to help you: BRAND

    B – benefits – What are the benefits or good things that the medicine will do for her?

    R – risks – What are some risks that this medicine may have? Can you put that in numbers for me that I can understand — how many people out of a hundred people taking this medication have that happen? And what can I do to help prevent that if she has to take this medication?

    A – alternatives -What are some other drugs or treatments that we could use? Why is this drug better than those?

    N – nothing – What happens if we do nothing — if we don't change anything we were doing?

    D – Decision — this is where you and your doctor TOGETHER decide. 

    Hugs, hugs, hugs … you aren't alone!

  • lynne

    Thanks.  I called the pul. doctor and said it's not recommended for asthma.  Answer via nurse said 'you must've read it wrong'. No I didn't.  I went to National institute of health…also the insert says don't prescribe if a sterioid has been successful alone.  Well she's never had one.  She did try Flonase but it's expensive. She said at the time it helped her breathe.  I'd like to try that again….now that I'm up against the wall. She's DEMANDING to get the Brio so what choice do I have? None.  I am not her guardian.  I don't know what to do but get it tomorrow and give it to her nurse.  Even though I don't think it's right.  She also said to stop one of the inhalers….she's going to send a STOP order for the nurse. I don't know which one til the mail comes with the STOP order.  I'm so frustrated. She's on a boatload of meds.  Including Buspar and olanzapine which are said 'can increase the amount of the medicine' but I don't know which…the Brio or the Buspar and/or olanzapine. SO complicated. I SO appreciate your comments.  Lynne


  • lynne

    Atrovent and Xopenex are 4xday (she can only take it once because of the nurse needing to give meds) so if these are emergency inhalers, she can't have them. So….time to pray.  I cannot withhold the medicine she has been prescribed and wants.  also they SAY don't start with brio if stable on a steroid inhaler.  DANG!  My other family is experated as I spend so much time online trying to learn about her drugs.  It's stressing me out.  I don't live close to her.  I'm disabled 'to boot!' so hard to watch her.  What if she has an attack?  She has emergency buttons to push (alarms).  OK now I'm rambling. Sorry. Just so upset.  Thank you so kindly for your words. Lynne   

  • lynne

    I can't respond because gmail or the pc or who knows who won't let me.I'll try laterOn Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 4:18 PM, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America <> wrote:

  • lynne

    It's ok now.  Stupid PC.  also says this site may be a scam (gmail). cheesh.  Gotta run but will check back. have a good evening if we don't chat

  • lynne

    The pharmacist is calling the doctor.  Breo interacts MAJOR with her meds.  This doctor saw us, did tests and called in Breo…no discussion at all with us.  When I said it's not recommended for asthma (some places say yes , some say no) she said I must have not read it right and she wants her to take it.  Bad pulmonologist with 5 stars…I thought she would discuss with me at least.  Daughter is suffering and I'm mad.  We'll see if she calls in something else or we have to start all over with a referral, appointment with another doc etc.  I'll most likely give her bad reviews.  And report her if she doesn't get off her high horse and find something safer for my daughter.  She has 5 stars!  How I don't know. Thanks for listening. This is so hard to do alone.  I appreciate you and pray for you all.