Best dollar-stretching tips??

Let's face it, asthma and allergic disorders can be expensive. For instance, some of us have to be brand loyal. We can't always pick up the shampoo or detergent that's on sale because the fragrance might trigger our asthma. Others of us have to afford extra medication costs and doctor's visits and tests. 

I like to think of saving money as a game, and the tips and tricks that people share, I use to help me get to the next "level." 

Some of the most helpful strategies people have shared with me:

  • making use of my library — it's a free bookstore, and they'll even provide me with free off-site storage for books I want to read in the future AND audio and ebooks!
  • using a pressure cooker and a slow cooker to make cooking easier and eating out less tempting
  • not going down any aisles of a grocery store that I don't have to
  • not going into ANY store that I don't absolutely need to — and making "shallow loops" in stores that I must dive into — in other words, if I need something from the gardening entrance end of Walmart, I go in that area, pick it up and go straight to the cash register.

What are some of your favorite, easy dollar stretching tips?


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  • Deborah Bartlett

    That is a good idea Lisa. I know a few people that do that. I Also do it. Every penny you save is a good thing!! Plus, it must save wear and tear on our dryers. 

  • Deborah Bartlett

    We go to the Entenmanns thrift store every Saturday. We get loaves of bread for one dollar. If you spend 5 dollars, your receipt entitles you to any loaf of bread for free. Also, for every 10 dollars you spend, you get an item for free. Entenmanns cakes are 2 for 5 dollars. If you are having a BBQ, large packs of hot dog and hamburger rolls are one dollar. They even have a FEED BAG special that is on-going. If you buy bread to feed wild birds or farm animals, you get older loaves of bread 5 for 1.89. 

    This store is a great money saver if your family eats alot of bread! Toast anyone? 🍞 

  • Melissa G

    What?! I am so jealous Deborah! When I was pregnant with Grace, I lived on Entenmann's….their Pecan Ring and Raspberry Danish….yum! 

  • Pljohns

    I so wish we had a bread store near us.  I use to use them all the time but the one we have is awful.  i tried it several times and everything was so stale feeding the birds was the only thing it was good for

  • Shea

    I was reading through these ideas today– lots of good ones. Im going to try the foam soap one, because Tommy uses lots of soap so I like having at least one foaming dispenser.

    I cut my own hair and Tommy's hair. Neither of us like salons, and they are so pricey.  I used to try eith Tommy but he  has never let anyone cut his hair but me– we have had to leave salons when he was younger because he just would not cooperate. And Im pretty good at his hair… Mine is harder– especially to get the back. I have always had choppy cuts, so when I started doing it myself I just remembered what they used to do at the salon, and it is pretty forgiving when you have a choppy hair style. 

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Shea- I do our hair now. It is expensive everywhere. Plus, to be honest, I am so afraid of germs and possible skin disease issues. Plus…they could use something with too much fragrance. Not worth it to go anymore for us. 

  • Melissa G

    Shea, we use foam soap dispensers and I love them! I wished I had used them when my kids were younger.