Back to school with asthma?

If you're a parent who is in charge of managing your kiddo's asthma, what steps are you taking to get ready for that first day of school?

Do you have your kiddo's …

  • Inhaler, spacer and other gear?
  •  filled out to help teachers and staff know what to do if your kiddo has an asthma attack?
  • Medical ID bracelet?

How does your school handle your child's inhaler? If it's self-carry, is your kiddo able to self-administer without help? 


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  • Kathy P

    My kids always got to self-carry their inhalers – but neither needed to have one at school until 5th or 6th grade. We had to have a spare in the office (that wasted away all year!)

    Don't forget to grab those forms now and get them to the doc to get them signed. Doc's hands start cramping in Aug w/ all the school forms! We were required to have the district "authorization for medication at school" form filled out and signed by the doc. Then to self-carry, there was an additional form (sometimes printed on the back, sometimes I had to track it down). That need to be filled out and signed by the doc too. Then I needed their asthma action plan to attach to that – the districts have standard allergy and asthma plans that they prefer. That way, the staff is trained on how to read them. You can supply your own, but then someone pointed out that in an emergency, you want the staff to know where to look on the form for what to do. So after that, we started using the district forms and just getting the doc to sign off on that. That just became our standard form.

    Da college girl is technically an adult, so she doesn't need forms anymore. We do need to check all her expiration dates and refill RX's before she goes back later this month.

    Da boy has not had asthma issues in a few yrs, so we don't even keep an inhaler in the office for him anymore. 

  • K8sMom2002

    One thing I can say about DD's school, I've never had to cut through a lot of red tape to send either her inhaler or her Epi pens to school. There's one spot on the health forms that they send out the first day of school that says, "Does your child have allergy or asthma? Does your child carry an inhaler or Epi pen?" Check yes to both, and that's it. No doc signature required.

    Now for the food allergies and other medical issues, I've had plenty of red tape, but not for her inhalers or Epis.