Asthma vs Housecleaning – the Struggle is Real!

Housecleaning is my nemesis! Two of my worst allergies are dust mites and molds. Cleaning stirs them up, but when dust builds up, that's not good either! I just can't win!

I need your best tips on what you've found that helps!

Here are the things I have found that help:

  • Removed all the carpet several years ago and replaced with laminate flooring.
  • Added a whole house HEPA filter on the heating system. This will only help in winter when it's running. No A/C. It seems to be reducing the dust build up.
  • Wearing a mask – I hate it, but it help! I've been wearing an N95 mask.
  • Leaving the area after cleaning to let the dust settle before I go back.
  • Washing bedding in hot every week; pillows have zippered covers

Here is where I'm still struggling:

  • My vacuum is not great. I got a stick vac w/ a dust cup you have to empty. Who thought of this? Let's suck up the dust, then dump it out?  AND I have to shake out the filters! I do have a canister vac too.
  • Got a Bissell Crosswave for Christmas – it will vac and wash at the same time on the hard surface floors. Works pretty well, doesn't stir up the dust – I don't need to dry mop, then wet mop. BUT the cleaning solution has a really strong scent that was getting to me and lingers. I have not tried the machine with DIY floor cleaner – I usually use a spray bottle with vinegar/water/alcohol/essential oil and a Swiffer mop with a washable cloth.
  • Stuff still settles in the corners and I have to "swipe" that out w/ a duster – I use either microfiber cloths or the Swiffer dusters (the fluffy kind). That seems to do a decent job of not stirring things up, but my tendency is to neglect cleaning because I don't want to stir stuff up which means I don't deal with it til there is a lot there.

Yeah, I hate cleaning and it hates me! How do you deal with? I would love to get someone else to do it, but that is not in the cards!


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  • Shea

    You seem like youve done a great job so far following the guidelines with the laminate flooring and the new wet/dry vacuum. I think using your own solution to mop would be fine and helpful (I do not line scented cleaners either typically except for essential oils which I love eucalyptus and tea tree.

    I have my ac running a lot … it keeps the air dry and, of course, it keeps me alive because I live in hot humid Florida. I also have HEPA air purifier in my bedroom. I like moving air, and it is constantly being filtered, so I feel like that helps alot. I also love my throw rugs. I love them  because they collect dirt and dust and I can wash them in hot water in my wash machine, they are like little dust traps. 

    I also do not like cleaning, especially when I get behind. I know what you mean, it makes it much worse. I try to prioritize with vacuuming every other day. I mop less frequently. If I am doing serious dusting, deep cleaning then I wear a disposabke dust mask. Those are the only tips I can think of.

  • Serene

    I am in the same boat. You seem to do a better job than me. I am allergic to dust, and I concentrate on just keeping key areas clean. I also can't abide the chemical cleaners so I use wet cloth, to wipe and clean, and keep the windows open, but it is tough. I concentrate on keeping my bedroom as dust-free as I can. I can't do much for the rest of the house, with 3 other adults I let them fend for themselves but I try to do the best I can with my bedroom.

    I used to not mind cleaning before I developed asthma. But now I just can't handle the scents of cleaners, or the dust. So cleaning house is the last thing I want to do.

  • K8sMom2002

    Serene! I'm the same with cleaners. I have to use a lot of homemade products — and a lot more plain water/ damp cloths and elbow grease! 

    Is there any particular scent or cleaner that is an absolute worst trigger for you? Surf laundry detergent will get me every time.

  • Kathy P

    Thanks Shea – that definitely matches where I am right now (except the A/C I think my biggest problem is that I need to declutter. You can't clean clutter and it just collects more dust! But as soon I even start on one pile/corner/whatever, I'm a sneezing wheezing mess! The mask is definitely helping.

    Welcome Serene – I never liked housecleaning but now, with asthma, I really dread it! What do you do to keep the dust down in your bedroom? I spend the most time in my bedroom and my office and I really need to figure something out. I know I need to deal with the clutter and just need to buckle down and deal with it! My office is another struggle because I have several bookshelves and those really collect dust too. Again, I need to tackle the rest of the clutter there too.

  • Serene

    Scented synthetic scents are very difficult to bear for me. I particularly hate  Lysol wipes, windex, and scented products like aftershave, women's cologne bathroom cleaner, deoderizers, spray, candles bleach etc.   I have to avoid those products.

    I make do with water, and baby wipes, and natural no-scent cleaner (which leaves streaks but works in a pinch) and use other products only when absolutely needed.. Not very scientific I know, but the baby wipe collects the dirt, and dust like no ones business and if there is a scent it is light not like Lysol wipes which make me feel terrible. I vacuum regularly and replaced the windows with ones that seal nicely, and had all the grout changed.

    I can't afford to replace rugs  although I did seal my mattress at my allergist's suggestion I cannot remove them to wash them, so not sure how much good that does. I injured my back after a car ran a light and rear-ended me so heavy lifting of mattresses and furniture isn't something I can do and it was hard enough to put those covers on when I didn't have a back problem.So they are sealed, but I don't change them. I do wash the ones on pillows though.

    I have two hepa filters in my room, regularly vacuum and dust, and keep the stuff to a minimum on counters and covers. I wash the sheets weekly, and have dust covers on the other furniture to wash. I keep my Chihuahua out of the bedroom entirely. I have tried dust mite treatment on the carpet, but they smell and I didn't think they really worked except to create a mess.

    I have the carpet steam cleaned by a company whose owner has allergies, so he doesn't use scented products and doesn't leave them damp.

    I know I can do more, but I just can't.

    Unfortunately for me,  I have been highly sensitive to treatment for allergies and asthma. I developed an allergy to antihistamine and cannot take most steroids due to various complications they cause.  

    I have been hoping for the dust mite pill to become available since that is one of my major triggers, but so far, it is not yet available.

    My main way of dealing with the condition is to avoid triggers, but it is pretty impossible to avoid asthma and allergy triggers at places like the workplace.

  • Jen

    It definitely seems like cleaning products these days have such strong scents.  It can be really difficult to go down that aisle at the grocery store.  So, Serene, it's good to hear some of the products you use.  Shea – what products do you use to clean?

  • Shea

    I use the Mrs Myers brand floor cleaners, seventh generation brand for general cleaning spray, and good ole vinegar and water as well. I am like Kathy, I struggle with clutter (I blame it on my 5 year old and all his toys… too many toys… and I try to make every toy have a "home", but what I really need to do is actually get rid of some of his stuff. But, he will not let me, so I have boxed up some things, or put them in those plastic storage bins, and my next step will be "rehoming" these toys. Half the battle is making the house presentable enough to clean and wipe and vacuum. I have IKEA furniture with organizing toy drawer bins, and a toy box, and a bookcase that I keep in a closet and that helps but, man, too many toys.   

    Zipper-cased mattresses are difficult. I have two twin bed mattresses instead of a king, they are from IKEA, inexpensive, and about 6 inches thick. Then I have a foam topper I bought from Montgomery Wards that adds another 2 inches and makes it comfy. Then I bought two zippered cases to go over each one separately. No box springs. Metal frames and headboards for ease of cleaning. Even taking the mattress covers off the twins is hard, and there is no way I would be able to manage with a queen mattress. If I am tired or bad breathing one week, then I will either vacuum the mattress cover, or I will spray and wipe with a cleaner (I use this one I order online that kills allergens and does not bother my breathing, it has a smell when you first spray it, maybe tea-tree-ish smell, but then it goes away, and it does not bother me like other cleaners do. The link for it is:

    I need to buy some more of it actually. Other than that, I have read eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils also kill dust mites and molds and are a good additive for a homemade spray cleaner for mattresses or couches or soft furnishings.

  • K8sMom2002

    Kathy P, on your bookshelves, I'd highly recommend that when/if you replace them, replace them with cabinets with glass doors. 

    De-cluttering is my main goal in life — I want to get to a Zen like bareness, but it hasn't happened yet.

    Serene and Shea, I use water and microfiber cloths for cleaning. Instead of wipes, which can be expensive and can sometimes trigger my asthma, I use a spray bottle of peroxide and a paper towel or old washcloth and a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and a paper towel or old washcloth. 

    For cleaning windows and glass, I can't do Windex. I use old newspapers that have been dampened, and then I dry the windows or mirrors with a dry newspaper — absolutely no scent. 

    I also have a steam mop — no chemicals required, you just add plain water and steam your floors clean. 

    My problem is moving big pieces of furniture to dust behind. I try to design my life so that things are easy to clean — no skirts on furniture, for instance, and for the longest time (before kids!) nothing underneath any bed. My sofa has a stretcher bar under it that won't allow my Roomba to get all the way under it, and dust really collects along that back portion of the floor underneath it.

    What cleaning gadgets do you guys use to make the job easier? I know that I'm on the small side, and Shea and Serene, you're like me and can't move heavy objects. Have you guys thought about using under your heavier items? I do use them on some things … maybe I need to get some more. 

  • Serene

    One thing I do under the bed is put a clean sheet under there after I thoroughly vacuum. Then instead of having to move it all again i can wash the sheet. I also cover furniture with washable sheets in patterns I like. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Now that's a cool idea, Serene! I use washable throws on my sofa and chairs — easy to toss them in the wash — so I guess I do sort of the same thing on the furniture. 

    I do have a goal of cleaning out form under my bed. It's amazing that when you put the gift wrapping box (I keep gift wrapping supplies in a plastic bin under my bed), it attracts all manner of other stuff — suddenly it's okay to put other things under there. But if I can get all that re-homed, then I can send my Roomba under there once a day and I think that will help with the dust. 

  • Serene

    Yeah, I can't take credit for the sheet under the bed idea. I read about that in Martha Stewart in one of her spring cleaning issues.  But it might help with your backboard area getting dusty. If it isn't visible, who cares if it is a sheet down there?

    I would dearly love one of those beds with drawers built in and no place for dust to collect. But I live on a second story and even if I could hire movers to do that, it would be an undertaking..

    I think eventually I'll go to a single bed, but since the scent of off-gassing matresses makes me sick, I am sticking with my old one for now.

  • K8sMom2002

    Just thinking here … but could you convert your bed to one of those? By adding baskets/boxes with casters? It wouldn't quite be the same as the built-in unit, but it would give you storage. And you would be able to pull the boxes out and wipe them down. 

    I know that my gift wrap box gets a bit dusty on top, but the carpet underneath doesn't get dusty. 

    And I hear you on mattresses … I always dread bringing in something big and hard to move into my house because, , what if it has an odor or scent? 

  • Serene

    I sort of do that now. I keep my winter sweaters in a plastic bin under there. I just have serious envy of those frames with huge drawers. They are so big. =-)

    Most new furniture we have purchased had a strong odor. We had to return a couch to Macy's because the smell was so horrible, I could smell it even upstairs, and sitting on it was impossible. They also douse furniture with chemicals to make it fire resistant which ads to the horrid off-gassing.

    The only thing I do is buy from stores which can sell you the floor model or air it out elsewhere. Sometimes the floor models are in good shape and have off-gassed sufficiently to be usable.

    When we bought mom's last mattress Macy's sealed it, so the odor and gasses are presumably less. I'm not especially keen on sealing away toxic material and then sleeping on it… But mom is made of sterner stuff than me!


  • K8sMom2002

    Yes, I've had that experience myself — clothes today from various stores can really, really have a strong scent. And it's not necessarily (for me, anyway) the actual smell, but the way it affects my lungs.

    And yep, I know what you mean about serious envy about those beds — they look so nice! But I've tempered my envy by reminding myself that many of them don't have box springs — and I need box springs!

    I made my own laundry hamper/bench by fastening together three milk crates and putting a skirt and a padded, upholstered lid on it. I used an old worn-out mattress pad for the cushioning so that I didn't have to deal with that same off-gassing you mentioned and I upholstered the top it and skirted it with a sheet. 

    If I had it to do over again, I'd have made me a bench with three slots (like a mini-garage) and put caster wheels on the crates … easier than lifting the lid  – and it would work under a bed, I think. I may try that — but with the flatter bins that you can get in the home organizing section of stores … 

  • Jen

    Half the battle is making the house presentable enough to clean and wipe and vacuum.

    Oh I hear you on this one, Shea.  If there weren't so much picking up to do, I'd clean way more often.

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, yeah, Shea … you. are. so. right. And DH honestly is sock-blind. He really, truly doesn't see his socks and shoes on the floor wherever he leaves them. :eek;

  • Mandy

    I love all the tips and tricks! And to know I am not alone on the struggle with cleaning. I have this "microfiber wand thingy" that is amazing. It can extend to dust the walls, pictures, top of doors, fans, floor boards. It has helped to get the hard to reach spaces. I use microfiber cloths to dust and clean windows. I have to wear N95's to do anything but it is what it is. My problem is having the energy to do things. I get tired easily and have frequent coughing fits and attacks. So the dust builds up and then I think well no wonder I can't breathe but the cleaning triggers it. Vicious cycle! The struggle is real. 

    Moral of the story…get cleaners weekly? I have someone to come in monthly to deep clean bathrooms and wash walls and floors etc. They use my cleaners (Norwex and a tea tree oil based one). But it seems like just a tease. Too bad money didn't grow on trees!! We have had our furnace cleaned and carpets cleaned ( we only have in the basement). I usually leave for a day or 2 to avoid the smells. My air purifier works overtime and has given strike notice

  • Serene

    I do have a housekeeper come in once a week and vacuum and dust downstairs, and do all the bathrooms downstairs. I do my own. I have both my parents, and my father and sister who are mentally ill. It is too much work to clean their areas and they can do nothing for themselves, really. Even with the help, my sister is a clutter bug, and there is extensive pre-housekeeper cleanup to perform as she forgets and leaves stuff lying around wherever she goes. 

    I settle really for keeping my own area as clean as possible, but I have an art studio which I have put off cleaning… Which I need to do. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Ooh, Mandy, I'd love to know more about the microfiber wand — I'm short, so a lot of the dust is above my reach. Honestly, I don't know why ceiling fans have to gather so much dust! 

    It WOULD be great if money grew on trees — I'd love to have a housekeeper to come in, if only to do the heavy cleaning. Since that's out of reach for me right now, I try to clean more frequently in small bursts, and to use whatever technology is available — my Roomba, the steam mop. I keep hoping that ONE day there will be a robot maid I can buy!

    Serene, it is hard to have to clean behind a messy person. I can say that because I have to clean behind myself!  I'm not the neatest person, and it really frustrates my DH, who prefers me to keep the house neat as a pin. 

  • Kathy P
    Serene posted:

    I can't afford to replace rugs  although I did seal my mattress at my allergist's suggestion I cannot remove them to wash them, so not sure how much good that does. I injured my back after a car ran a light and rear-ended me so heavy lifting of mattresses and furniture isn't something I can do and it was hard enough to put those covers on when I didn't have a back problem.So they are sealed, but I don't change them. I do wash the ones on pillows though.

    Ouch on the back issues! I don't think the mattress encasements are supposed to be removed and washed frequently. I've usually seen instructions to wipe the cover down periodically.

  • Kathy P
    Mandy posted:

    My problem is having the energy to do things. I get tired easily and have frequent coughing fits and attacks. So the dust builds up and then I think well no wonder I can't breathe but the cleaning triggers it. Vicious cycle! The struggle is real. 

    YES! Exactly! I know I need to control all the dust (which also includes pollen and other allergens besides dust mites), but I'm usually already feeling cruddy and the thought of potentially making it worse by stirring it up does not seem worth it either!

    I'd love to get someone in to clean…but then there is the having to clear things enough to clean! Oy!

    The whole thing is just a no-win situation 

  • Jen

    I hear you guys about having a cleaning service.  I would definitely have to do some serious picking up for that.  But…we are really close to putting our old house on the market.  We have a cleaning service coming in there tomorrow to do a deep clean.  I just don't have the time or energy to deal with scrubbing everything down in that house.  Plus…there is all kinds of dust that gets stirred up and I can tell when I've spent too long there – we've spent a lot of time moving the last bits of stuff out, etc.

    Cynthia – I believe you're looking for Rosie from the Jetsons.  If only…

  • K8sMom2002
    Jen posted:

    Cynthia – I believe you're looking for Rosie from the Jetsons.  If only…

    Oh, yeah! Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Who knows? Maybe it's just around the corner. 

    What sort of gadgets does everyone use to help with housework?

    Just brainstorming all the ones I can think of — not that I use all of them …

    • dishwashers (oh, yeah!)
    • dryers (couldn't live without mine because I can't dry clothes on a line)
    • my steam mop (cleans with just plain water, and much lighter than having to haul a bucket of water around.)
    • Roomba (I definitely use Roomba!)
    • Hepa upright vacuum (at least once a week)
    • Pressure cooker to make cooking easier
    • Slow cooker — ditto
    • Ice maker through the door — helps keep germs down.
    • The mopping Scooba (sp?) version of Roomba
    • The new Bissell sweeper/mop/vac — I think Kathy mentioned she has one?
    • There's the automatic shower cleaner by Dow's Scrubbing Bubbles — I've never tried that because I was afraid of the fumes.

    My washing machine and my dishwasher also have a delay function on both, so that's helpful. If I'm away from home, I can set the timer for the clothes to begin washing so that they are done when I walk back in — and then I can move them to the dryer before they sour or mold or mildew. My utility room is unheated/un air-conditioned, so in the summer especially I can detect the odor of mold or mildew VERY quickly if the clothes sit even a bit longer than they should in the wash.

    What gadgets am I missing? 

  • Shea

    I bought a HYLA vacuum/purifier… it was kinda a crazy purchase but it seemed to solve alot of issues. It is a waterbased vacuum, with strong suction and very little dust output (my old vacuum used to stir up stuff and my skin would break out while vacuuming even though it was HEPA vac.) But this vacuum sucks dirt through the vacuum and the hose is attached ti a canister– an airtight container half full of water. And when you do not vacuum with it, you detach the vacuum from the canister and the canister can also can be run as an air purifier and has lots of power, really loud, and runs for 30 minutes on a timer, so you turn it on when you leave the house and it sucks dust and dirt to a small particle size into it and works for large spaces. You just run it once a day. Then you just dump the water out and refill next time, and you can add essential oils like tea tree and eucalyptus oil to make the house smell nice as it purifies the air.  It was ridiculously expensive but they had a payment plan, so it will be really low monthly payments…. for the rest of my life, lol. Sometimes I hate the vacuum because it is kinda heavy to move from room to room, like all canister-type vacuums, and if you suck up a sock or something, well, you can reverse air flow and blow it outside, or stick a long stick into it to get it out… but all vacuums suck to me, and this one has been the best so far. You can also buy a wet mop attachment, but I havent yet, I just use my mop and bucket. A guy came to do a demonstration at my house and that is when I was sold on it. I call it my R2D2, because it looks kinda like R2D2 from StarWars. Its cheaper than a maid monthly,  and works well, you cqn even put couch cushions into this large plastic bag and then the vacuum attaches and it sucks them in to a tiny size, taking out all dust, then you can blow fresh air back into the cushion and it fluffs it. That takes time, so I only do that once a month, if that, but its kinda fun. 

  • Jen

    Shea – That sounds like a really cool machine!  Almost like it could be that Rosie the Robot that Cynthia is looking for.  Does it come with a maintenance plan?  What's the warranty like on it?  

  • Kathy P

    That vac / air purifier sounds really cool! 

    I was going to work on cleaning all the throw rugs this weekend, but it rained. Ugh! I need to be able to take them outside and shake/beat the dust out. Some are small enough to go in the washer, but not all.  

  • Jen

    @Mandy - I thought of you this weekend.  A friend of mine had an online Norwex party.  I didn't get the dryer balls (we don't usually use dryer sheets anyway), but I did buy an envirocloth to see if I like that as a replacement for clorox wipes.  Sometimes those wipes seem really pungent.

  • K8sMom2002

    What's an envirocloth, Jen?

    Shea, that's a cool sounding attachment for cleaning pillows … I vacuum mine, but I never really, really know if they're actually clean, yanno? 

    What part of the house is everyone tackling today? I'm behind a bit because I had a business trip over the weekend, and I didn't get my usual Saturday deep clean done. And I haven't run Roomba today, either.

    Oh, for a Bot-Maid! 

  • Mandy

    Cynthia, I need a Botmaid too! 

    Jen, I love my cleaning cloths. I hope you like it too.


  • K8sMom2002

    Mandy, it's coming … I saw a couple of possibilities that look like the next few years may usher in our Botmaid … 

     - an appliance that will fold your clothes.

    And then is working on a robot that will fold towels and socks … I expect they'll figure out other things it can do if it can ever figure out how to fold like we do.

    Gotta hear more about these cleaning cloths … what makes them so special??

  • Jen

    The  can clean and get rid of bacteria without using chemicals.  I'm not sure how I feel about just using a cloth and water, but I'm willing to give it a try.

    So…I thought of this thread last night.  I was in the cleaning aisle of a grocery store I only frequent now and then.  I noticed the cleaning aisle at that store was not nearly as potent as the cleaning aisle at my regular grocery store.  Not sure why that is.

  • Kathy P

    Interesting Jen – do they tend to stock more natural products?

    I went through a whole bunch of Swiffer cloths yesterday! We tackled cleaning the bedroom and I'm ! I used Bissell Crosswave for most of the floor once we got the clutter cleared away. That won't go under the bed or any of the dressers, so those only got cleaned w/ the Swiffer cloths. I decide to go with the disposable rather than the washable that I usually use. And I changed them often once they lost their "sticky" feel. Now….just have to keep it clean….and tackle the next room which should be my office!

  • Jen

    Kathy – Yeah…I think that's their whole thing – to clean without chemicals. Lots of their stuff has some sort of natural antibacterial something or another in the material.  I have used the envirocloths a few times to clean.  Not so sure yet if I like them more than clorox wipes, but it does feel good to not be junking up the environment.  Speaking of which….last night, I had to clean up some frosting mess ds made on our kitchen floor.  Went looking for our wetjet cloths and couldn't find any.  Then I remembered that a few months back, dh ordered some of the reusable kind off Amazon.  I think I can toss all that microfiber stuff in the wash together.

  • Pljohns

    If you haven't found it, a hand steamer will do a better job than any cleaner with NO SMELL at all.  My husband bought me one years ago and it's all I use except for inside the bowl toilet cleaner and I have him to that.  The thing will do glass, grease-you name it-I haven't bought cleaners in YEARS

  • K8sMom2002

    Oooh, PLJohns, what's the name of your hand steamer? I use a SteamBoy mop, and I love it. But I have yet to find a steamer for vertical surfaces that didn't require a huge tank to drag around.

  • Kathy P

    Oooh, tell me more about this hand steamer….I remember seeing commercials for that type of thing years ago, but it kind of wigged me out thinking that all the germs and crud were getting aerosolized.

    I have been using my O'Cedar Robotic Floor Cleaner. I've used it in the family room and it works great there. I put a throw rug across the entrance to contain it in that room. I set it for the 30 min clean and it did great. It gets stuck on the throw rug a time or two, so I can't walk away. But it's quite enough that I can still be in there watching TV or whatever. I need to try it it in the bedroom.

  • Pljohns

    It's a shark hand held steamer-about as big as an iron-maybe a little bigger-comes with all sorts of attachments that I never use.  You fill with distilled water, plug it in and waalaa 200 degree steam (and yes, it is that hot because I've burned myself!).  I just use the hose/wand thing with no attachements and then wipe with a cloth. Shinny mirrors, bath fixtures, everything-if something is really stubborn-like hair spray overspray from the week-I I may have to scrub a little with the rag or use the steam twice.  Basically I just hit everything with steam-hold it a little longer over any stains and you will see the stain just being blasted away-and then wipe-leaves everything nice and shiny and germ free with no smell or cleaners at all.  I also have the floor steamer/mop version and it's awesome too-great on hardwoods, laminate, tile-you name it.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  Nice long cord too-

  • K8sMom2002

    Shoot — just checked on Shark's website, and it looks like it's been discontinued. But there may be some still available on Amazon. 

    If I can't get that one, then I'll look into others. I would love to be able to clean without chemicals. I love my steamer mop — no fumes! And no bucket! And no dirty mop to wring out or clean.

  • Pljohns

    I didn't know they had discontinued it-crud-hope mine holds out!  I have found them in retail stores in the area-Kohls, Belks etc and I think even Target but not for sure.  they are well worth the $60+

  • K8sMom2002

    Not to worry — I'm on a mission to find one or something similar, especially since the reviews I checked out on my lunch break say that it can clean ovens. My oven gets left for way too long because I can't hack oven cleaners. I do wipe it out, but it still gets grungy looking. 

    I did find this one — . It looks a bit bigger than your cute little Shark, and it's probably more expensive, but it's made by the same folks who made my steam mop. 

  • Pljohns

    any luck finding a hand held steamer?  I sure hope mine doesn't die since they aren't making it any more!

  • K8sMom2002

    I haven't had a chance to really look — between my dryer breaking (ugh!) and monster storms, that's taken all my time. 

    But I really, really want one! It looks like just the trick! I might be able to find one like yours on eBay or Amazon. 

  • Jen

    Does anyone else have some good tips on housecleaning without triggering your asthma?

  • don122

    For Asthma patients, there are recommended vacuum cleaners which seems to get job done quick and  stress free.From mine experience,i feel the Roomba 980 is the best as its features seems to be upgraded as compared to the other alternatives of roomba out there!

  • K8sMom2002

    It's beginning to get toward the change of seasons, where summer gives way to fall. What sort of fall cleaning routines does everyone do?

    As a way to ward off that from taking root at my house by way of a late summer/early fall cold, I mopped the floors and wiped down cabinets tried to do some serious deep cleaning this past weekend. 

  • Jen

    Since the kids are starting school next week, I plan to do some decluttering this weekend, mainly in the kitchen and front hall as those areas seem to be where we keep some school things and/or need to find things they need to get out the door (like shoes lol).  I just want to make the mornings a little easier.

  • RedCoog
    don122 posted:

    For Asthma patients, there are recommended vacuum cleaners which seems to get job done quick and  stress free.From mine experience,i feel the Roomba 980 is the best as its features seems to be upgraded as compared to the other alternatives of roomba out there!


    ive been contemplating getting a Roomba, but I'm just a tad worried it may stir up dust! Have you experience any of these issues? 

    Also I really like the suggestions about the hand steam cleaners! I will absolutely invest in one of these! One of the things I've been reading about since this asthma hit is about the toxicity of household cleaning products. We have tried to switch as much as possible to natural/organic products but I can't see them beating out steam!!

    another awesome piece of advice from this group! 

  • Pljohns

    I have both the handheld steam cleaner, and a roomba-I also have a steam mop-LOVE them all.  The only cleaner I buy is toilet duck-the rest is done with the steamers.  As for the roomba stirring up dust, I haven't found that to be a problem.  I have 3 dogs and it doesn't seem to stir up dog hair either.  I've been VERY pleased with mine.  You can get "rebuild kits" from amazon for like $12 that have all new brushes and rollers so when they get worn, it's not expensive to replace them.  Now, don't EVER damage the dust collection part of it that holds what it sweaps up-somehow one of my guys banged the "door" of it off and threw it away-$70 for a replacement one.  Still cheaper than a new roomba but ouch!