Asthma sufferer working on an asthma management app

Hi!I'm an adult onset asthma patient and am in the midst of designing an app to help people who have asthma manage their condition.A critical part of that process is understanding how other patients experience and manage their asthma. I would greatly appreciate if you'd take a few minutes to take a brief survey here: ALL RESPONSES ARE ANONYMOUS AND ONLY WILL ONLY BE SEEN BY ME.Please note: This app is for a class and is a theoretical project, not a real app. There are some great apps and products currently available & coming out soon for patients if that is of interest to you.Thank you!


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  • Melanie Carver

    NOTE: This a student project. You will be leaving the AAFA website if you agree to take the survey in the previous post. You can remain anonymous if you choose to not share your contact information in the survey. If you do choose to share your contact information, that information is being shared with Amanda and stored by Amanda – it is not connected with AAFA in any way.

    Amanda has stated her final presentation for her project will de-identify any respondents.(Your name or email address will not be included.)

  • K8sMom2002

    Amanda! I was diagnosed with adult onset asthma as well — it's kind of a confusing thing to suddenly realize you have a name for all that coughing and sputtering you've been doing all your life, no?

    How did you get the idea for the app? What sort of things are you hoping to include?