Asthma Flare-Ups Linked to School Calendar

Greater exposure to cold viruses may help explain why children with asthma tend to suffer their worst symptoms when their school reopens after a break, a new study suggests.


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  • Jen

    Interesting.  It's been about a month since spring break for us.  Did anyone's kids have issues returning to school after spring break?

  • Katie D

    Interesting to see the shift from what they think originally had caused the increase from environmental factors to just the kids being more exposed to cold viruses when they return in the Fall and after long breaks.  

  • K8sMom2002

    DD did … that was the week she spent in misery that I blamed on pollen and the spring blooms. Maybe this was part of it?

    I know when she was little, it was horrible when she was in school — she'd get a cold, and it would develop into sinusitis and bronchitis and a horrible asthma flare. When she was 18 months old, the poor child spent a solid winter on back to back antibiotics.  

    Maybe, too, that's why a flu shot seems to help DD — less colds and flu.

    My mom always swore she had less colds whenever she took a flu shot, and I tend to agree. We are religious about taking them — used to, I'd make sure that DD got one, but I wouldn't. Then I took a job in the healthcare industry where I was constantly in and out of doctors' offices and sick people …  My company offered flu shots for free, and I took them up on it — that's when I saw that, once again, Mama was right! This year, even though I'll be working for a different company, I'll invest the $$ in a flu shot — it pays big dividends!