Asthma busting cleaning tips?

Why is it my house always seems to stay so dusty? I swear, I can sweep in the AM, and it still looks like I need earth moving equipment when I look at the kitchen floor that evening!

What are some tips and tricks that work for you to #TackleAsthma? 

Do you vacuum in the AM or in the evening (we have to vacuum in the AM if we do it — it stirs up too much dust in the evening when DD's allergies and my lungs are too picky. And if we miss getting it in … aack — that's two days worth of vacuuming to get through!

Do you have a favorite asthma-friendly cleaning solution that you use?

Share, please! So that I can get my house back on track!



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  • Kathy P

    Definitely following! I have the dustiest house in the universe! We got rid of all the (nasty, old) carpeting several years ago and put laminate through the whole house. Theory is that it's easy to just run a Swiffer type mop around, but I still constantly find dust bunnies in the corners. And the dust on every surface – UGH!

  • K8sMom2002

    Donchaknow, Kathy P? Corners are sprinkled with Dust Bunny fertilizer! I really should intervene before the dust bunnies start holding conventions and town hall meetings.

  • Katie D

    We unfortunately have wall-to-wall carpeting in our home so we have more dust than we'd like – and it's not great for my highly allergic to dust DH.  

    We hope to be able to remove at some point but luckily it is low pile.  For now we manage living with it with lots of cleaning. Some of my tips:

    -Make your home shoe free:  This helps to remove any allergens, dust and dirt from entering the home.  Some families keep slippers by their doors for when they enter.  

    -Keep windows closed:  This one was hard for me to grasp at first but it really helps.  I love having the windows open so if I need a dose of fresh air I tend to head out to our backyard.  Again, keeps the allergens, dust & dirt from entering the home.

    -Vacuum.  A.  Lot:  For Christmas I laughed when my DH purchased one of those robot vacuum cleaners (he kept staying it's not a gift for you, it's a gift for me!)  And I now can see why he wanted it with her allergies and asthma.  I run it almost daily while also supplementing with an every other day vacuum with our regular vacuum cleaner.  It is A M A Z I N G in terms of picking up dust.  I'm still shocked when I see how much these things capture, and the nice thing is that it vacuums under our beds, sofa, and other places I hardly ever thing of vacuuming.

    -Dust weekly and begin by dusting up high:  Since dust will fall and settle, start up top.  I used to use old t-shirt rags but realized they weren't doing the trick, now use some really neat dust 'trapping' rags and the swiffer tools work awesome!

    -Air purifiers:  We run 2 in our home at all time.  We change filters regularly  and keep a reminder on our calendars when it's time to change.  

    -Declutter: Don't have too much "stuff" on the shelves.  Another hard one for me to do, but it does help to gather less dust and makes it easier come dusting time!

    Would love to hear other tips and how I can improve upon the dust in our home too!

  • K8sMom2002

    We have carpeting in our bedrooms and in my office … laminate or hardwood or tile everywhere else. One day maybe we'll be able to switch out the carpet?

    I do use our Roomba for some things (love it! Except when the dog and the cat attack it!), but I really like my upright vac with the allergy filter on it. 

    And clutter busting … does that give me permission to toss out my DH's racing and football and basketball and Abraham Lincoln junk — uh, memorabilia??

    Ooh. I thought not. 

    For mopping, I love my Steamboy mop — only it's broken now! I can't deal with a lot of commercial cleaners because of the fragrances, so I make a good deal of my own. The thing I like about the steam mops is that they can use plain water to clean, and they do a good job — and no bucket!

    I should look at the  list of air cleaners and pick one already! It might make such a difference!

  • Katie D

    I tend to get on my DH about his games (he loves video games, mostly just collects them and never plays them,) but then he turns around and gives me grief about my craft and fabric stashes… so we all 'collect' something ~ but really can never have enough craft supplies 

    And air purifiers are well worth the investment.  I'm still amazed by the amount of dust they capture and when I over cook something in the kitchen (which happens too frequently than I care to admit,) they take the odors out!  The filters can get expensive so we try to buy those in bulk and store in the garage. 

  • K8sMom2002

    My downfall is books. Oh, but I love to read. DH has put me on a book diet because all my shelves runneth over. Thank goodness for the library … it doesn't count because the books aren't actually MINE.  I'll have to really give air purifiers a good hard look … soon. Very, very soon. Do they actually cut down on the amount of dusting and sweeping you do, Katie? If that's the case, I can think of it as an investment in a maid service that works 24/7.

    Thanks for the tips on the dust mite link, Jen!

  • Katie D

    That is a great resource Jen!

    Cynthia, I'm not sure if they cut down on the dusting and sweeping but I know it can't hurt and when I see all the dust it captures I'm like 'okay I'm glad it's capturing it vs. us inhaling it'!

    My DH has a SEVERE dust mite allergy so I'm doing all the cleaning and those tips are spot on!

    I wash all the sheets every Saturday morning in hot water and do a double rinse, and we have everything covered – mattress and all pillows.

    When we moved last year I bought all these fun pillows for our bedroom and had to remove them a week later, they were capturing too much dust for my husband to handle.  So now they sit in a bag in the closet   I really should just donate them.

    The humidity tip is a great one…. we also have a dehumidifier which I never thought we would need in Northern CA where it doesn't rain much. But we do and we move it to the main bedroom sometimes when it's raining just to cut down the humidity. 

    Another tip is they make attachments for the vacuum that you can use to vacuum your mattress.  Not sure if helping but figure it can't hurt.The is a great place to start when researching what products have been put to the test and proven to work. 

  • Kathy P

    We have tons of books too! And chatchkis! I'm considering what my mom did to try to tame the dust a little. She replaced all the open shelves w/ barrister bookcases. The front glass panels mean you can see things, but definitely cut down on the dust collection!

  • K8sMom2002

    I would like the barrister cases … they are SO pretty to me. I think I'll start keeping my eye open at yard sales and estate sales. Well, actually, what that really means is that I'll tell my DAD to keep HIS eye open at yard sales and estate sales. He's the one who goes junk hunting.

  • Katie D

    I often wondered how my Mom kept up with all the dusting too in our childhood home.   The cases with glass are a wonderful idea so you can still see everything without it all collecting dust.

    I like to think I have a good handle on the dust but I often forget high to reach places and baseboards, I need to do a better job cleaning them using our vacuum attachments. 

  • Kathy P

    I know how my mom did it – she handed me a dust rag every Saturday! LOL! I used to sometimes get my kids to do it when they were little.

  • K8sMom2002

    Note to self … try Kathy P's mom's technique for free automated dusting! Hmm … now where's the mute button on my little dusting machine so that the aggravating whining noise stops bothering me??