Asthma attack takes the life of 12-year-old girl, family blames the heat

A tragic story out of Las Vegas….

It already feels like summer where I live – spring has disappeared.

How do you manage your asthma in hot, sticky, humid weather?

Do you change anything about your routine?


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  • Anne P

    Thankfully, the summer heat & humidity is good for our asthma.  Cold, dry winter air is much worse for us, and that's when our asthma tends to flare.

  • Katie D

    Such a sad story to read.  I can't imagine what this family is going through.  My thoughts and prayers are with them.

  • Kathy P

    I do have issues in the heat – but usually only if it's also humid.

    I think this line is very powerful:

    "If they complain their chest hurts anything keeps them out of the heat. Keep them in the house. Keep them close. Asthma is not a game. Asthma is not a joke," said Rawls

  • Jen

    Interesting that people's asthma responds differently to cold, hot, etc.  And, yes, things definitely went from near winter-like (chilly, 50s in May) to hazy, hot and humid. I also think that sometimes the air quality is worse on the really hot and humid days.

    Very sad.  My heart goes out to this family.