Asthma/Allergy to Copy Machine Odor

Does anyone else have asthma/allergy problems when you use a copy machine or laser printer because of the odor?

When I was using the copying machine today at work I had an asthma attack and allergy problems (nose running and congested). I was fine until I started running copies. I have had these symptoms before from the copy machine at work and my laser printer at home.


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  • K8sMom2002

    Hugs on the asthma attack! 

    Several members have complained about chemicals and chemical smells. Could it also be particles in the air? Toner is, after all, a fine dust.

    Could you put an air filter in the room where the copy machine is? Is it in a closed environment?

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  • MMKB

    K8SMOM2002 Thanks for your message. The copy machine is in the school office. I also think it is probably the toner.

  • Megan Roberts

    Could you get someone else to help you with the copies @MMKB? Or wear a mask with filtration while using it to keep out the toner dust emissions?

  • LK

    Haven't had that problem with our home printer but have several times had asthma flares when opening new magazines or going through the daily mail.  Sets me to coughing and my chest gets tight.  Don't know if it's the ink or something else in the mail/magazines.  Might as well wear my mask.    I wear it so often in this cold weather I might as well!  It's become a good friend! 

  • Elena Meluso

    I never heardof this but i did have a reaction to 4th of july fireworks i think its just dust or particles in the air. copy machines have particles of print material.   so u are being hit with that