Anyone Affected by Wildfires?

The west coast is on fire again. It happens every summer, but seems to get worse each year. I'm . But don't have AC so it's hard to keep the windows closed. 

There are fires northeast of me and fires to the south as well. I flew home if San Francisco yesterday and took this pic out the window in the afternoon.  That is smoke, not clouds!

Anyone else dealing with smoke impacting the air quality?


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  • dory2005

    Oh Kathy! I'm so sorry!! We had horrible wildfires two years ago, which is what sent me into a tailspin with my asthma. It lasted for several weeks, and I ended up in the hospital. I hope that you are able to avoid the worst of it. So sorry!! 

  • LK

    Oh, Kathy!  Our DD works in San Francisco and lives east of there.  She hasn't mentioned how her air quality is but I have sent her links to the AAFA's wildfire information on reducing her exposure to the smoke.

    Kathy,  I don't remember any particular names but I have seen portable room air conditioners advertised that claim to cool the room air with not need for any sort of window connection.  Might something like that help?  Maybe you could put it in at least one room and also have an air purifier in that room.  Just a thought!  

    This is one I just found.  

  • Kathy P

    I've thought about a swamp cooler type thing. Haven't really researched. The outside temp is actually not bad. But shuttering up the house would be miserable!

    Much of the house is a big open floor plan. It's sort of "U" shaped and all the bedrooms which includes my office are all on one leg. 

    I'm feeling a bit mucousy but nothing terrible so far. I'm going to have to watch and respond if I start getting tight. 

  • LK

    Had never heard of a swamp cooler until I was reading the reviews for the item in that link.  Are they common in dryer climates?

  • Kathy P

    I don't know! Our humidity is pretty low, so I don't even know if it's an option. 

  • Kathy P

    We are all doing ok. Hey we're both coughing before and I don't think it's increased. The family that coughs together….

    I need to ask DH if he noticed any issues in his weekend bike ride. That definitely became an issue last summer through the height of the fires. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Ugh on the smoke and the no-AC! Any way you could retrofit the house with central air for next season?

    If not, I agree with Lisa — a friend of my sister's bought a portable AC unit for her DH's photography studio. It had a flexible exhaust pipe that was very small and used only a small portion of the window. It cooled a huge room. She said it wasn't that expensive, and she liked how it didn't take up the whole window. Plus, it's portable, so if they need to use it somewhere else, they can easily move it. 

  • Melissa G

    kathy, I hope you are able to figure out a way to get some a/c. We couldn't live without a/c. 

  • Kathy P

    See that's the thing…it's not humid here and it usually doesn't get that hot. There are maybe a handful of days each summer that we need AC because of the heat. So not really worth the investment. And if I had window units that would block the breeze from those windows. Most rooms only have 1 window. And the family room has no windows – just the 8ft patio door. So it really is not that practical. 

  • Pljohns

    Kathy-Hope you are able to find a way to keep the nice breeze coming in and not deal with the smoke.  DS wants to move to CA when he graduates so I very well may have to get more familiar with the wild fire tendency out that way.  

    I hear you on the humidity and not really needing AC.  We spent quite a few summers out west and the humidity is nothing compared to the South.  Most people had swamp coolers if they had anything but like you, they mostly opened up the windows because they just didn't need AC enough to pay the high price for it.