Any sports fans out there?

Tell us what sports you like to watch and/or play.  How do you manage your asthma while attending sporting events?  If you (or your kids) play sports, how do you manage your asthma during practices and games?

We love sports here.  My middle 2 play lacrosse – both rec team and a year round club team.  Plus…we love to watch college and pro sports.

 In the fall, it's mostly about football – the kids and I are Ravens fans, hubby is a Redskins fan (though more of a fantasy football fan these  days ) and we all are University of MD fans.  My dad has season tix to the Ravens games and I usually go with him.  We sit waaaay up high – 8 rows from the top.  That's a whole bunch of stair climbing.  We do ok, but sometimes have to take breaks while climbing up to the upper concourse.  How do you all manage that? Do you get seats in the lower concourse, take the elevator or something else? And…of course, the NFL has some of the strictest security.  They check all kinds of stuff.  Any issues with taking your inhalers with you?  DD1 went to one game with me last year – no one asked about the epipens, but I was ready to point out her medicalert bracelet if necessary.

In the winter, we have season tix to MD mens basketball.  We sometimes go to some womens games as well.

Spring is all about the girls and lacrosse.  We usually manage to make it to one MD womens lax game.  Dh and I will also follow baseball a little.  We're both Orioles fans and he will occasionally go to a Nationals game after work (he works in DC).

Ok…long post on my end.  Tell me what sports you like.


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  • Jen

    Football season is coming up –  I know the NFL preseason is in full swing and some high schools have started back up.  Anyone a football fan?

  • Jen

    Ravens fans here, though dh is more of a Redskins fan.  Truthfully, he is a fantasy football junkie and is a fan of whoever is on his ff team..