Anti-Inflammatory Diet

I was having a conversation with someone about my asthma and she said, oh that's inflammation - I eat to avoid inflammation and it has really helped me. So I googled this and found this article – I haven't checked credentials but I think this article is pretty sound:

Anyone else had success with anti-inflammatory diet? I'm going to try it – I already eat pretty healthy and avoid processed foods but there are things I could cut down/limit – like tortilla chips and alcohol LOL. I'm also going back to adding Tumeric + pepper into foods – and trying to drink more green tea. I'm trying to do yoga too – 30 days of yoga with Adrienne on Youtube – I have a hard time doing yoga because it requires me to settle/focus/be still for awhile so I have to push myself to do this but I think this will help keep stress at bay when the school year starts up. 

Any thoughts?


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  • K8sMom2002

    Way to go on trying to work to improve things!

    Could you follow up with your asthma  doctor and ask for a referral to a registered dietitian to help you improve your diet? 

    Eating in a healthy way and getting activity will help most everyone. Still there's a reason that so many diet and exercise books and websites put that little "consult your doctor before beginning any …" It's because there's no single diet or exercise plan that is right for everyone. 

    AAFA has a great series of . Other members here have talked about how they use complementary medicine — they do try different things as approved by their doctor to see if it helps them.

    And we can try to get on the yoga bandwagon together — this very morning I lowered myself into a very creaky downward dog position for the first time in ages. Maybe we can keep each other accountable! I know I feel better when I move and stretch!

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, and I recalled that our own Kathy P has talked with her doctor about a very similar topic, including turmeric … she wrote about it here on

    I like turmeric as a spice — love me some yellow rice!

  • Megan Roberts

    Just looked up articles on asthma and turmeric out of curiosity, and found there has been some scientific research on the connection showing that turmeric can be useful as an add-on to help reduce asthma-triggering inflammation.  Though as @K8sMom2002 was pointing out, this is a complementary therapy, meaning it is used alongside your prescribed treatment.  Just fascinating stuff!  

    I have a lot of friends that are "eating to avoid inflammation" for other diseases, and from scanning the web it seems like there is a lot out there saying that eating right can help reduce your symptoms got asthma too (by decreasing inflammation as well as supporting your body in other ways, like boosting vitamin D). from the Mayo Clinic which I trust, talking about a few diet/lifestyle changes to help reduce symptoms.  And discussing the foods that are most commonly linked with triggering asthma, which is different than just contributing to asthma symptoms.  Nitrites (found in cured meat), sulfates, and other preservative chemicals were all listed in multiples places as things for asthma sufferers to avoid.  

    I was looking for a good article on how sugar is related to asthma symptoms, since sugar is connected to inflammation, and inflammation of the lungs and airways is the definition of asthma!  But none of the articles I came across were trusted sources.  I will keep digging.  It's possible that although the connection between sugar (a known inflammatory substance) and asthma makes sense, the research hasn't been able to prove that connection yet.  

    Most of the articles I looked at suggested eating healthy to reducing asthma is similar to how to eat healthy for overall good health– lots of fruits and vegetables, don't overdo it on meat, avoid processed foods.  

    Thanks for bringing this up– I'm really going to think about how to "eat to reduce symptoms" myself!  

  • RedCoog

    Hi Guys! First post here.

    recently been diagnosed with asthma. After some research I too came across the anti inflammatory diet info! I figure this could only help so ive been trying it for about a month thus far! I do feel some changes and even when I cheat a bit (with alcohol or pastries which I love) I can feel a regression!

    at our home we have gone full organic and natural products! We cook a lot with garlic and onions ( the real stuff not that already packaged). We eat a lot of very colorful veggies high in vitamins! We are trying to cut back on red meats and increase our fish intake. A bit touch on my end since I'm allergic so certain shellfish and salmon.

    we also eat a lot of fruit. Apples, oranges, kiwis, anything that is high in vitamin C!

    i have noticed 2 items that give me relief and that I look forward to consuming every day. Mangos and Green tee (I use an organic decaf version). For some reason these are great for me!!

    this board is great. This whole asthma thing sucks but it's incouraging so hear some of the feedback and tips from you all!!!

  • K8sMom2002

    Welcome, @RedCoog! 

    We had to make a move to more "from scratch" foods some years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with food allergies. It takes some getting used to, as far as time and expense, but even my daughter says she eats in a more healthy way than her friends!

    I love garlic and onions, and use them in practically every supper-time dish. My DD's favorite carrot dish is sliced carrots and onions that are cooked very slowly so that the onions practically caramelize. 

    Besides improving your diet, what other things have you tried to improve your asthma? AAFA has a great . Feel free to start a new topic on any question you may have about managing your asthma! We're glad to have you!

  • AS

    Welcome @K8sMom2002 That carrot recipe sounds delicious, and onions/garlic are supposed to be great for asthma, so I will try that. I love onions but when they're raw they don't love me LOL but carmellized are awesome. I already cook mostly from scratch and I cook most nights, unless it is leftover night, so I don't have any new recipes yet, but I'll keep you posted! Last night I sauteed eggplant in garlic with a fresh tomato and basil, a little salt. I had some leftover cabbage that I had stewed in tomato that I threw in just to heat up with it. I know, sounds weird, but it was really good. I heated up spaghetti and meatballs that I had made before and that was our meal. Today is chicken in the crock pot that I will use for tacos when I get home from work. And also last night instead of eating ice cream after dinner I ate a peach – of course this is easier in the summer when fruit is so good.

  • K8sMom2002

    AS, I love cabbage! I use pre-shredded cole slaw mix a lot in either soups or stir fries. I either do a stir fry plain, with salt and pepper,  or I dress it up Asian style with ginger, garlic and soy sauce or coconut aminos. Sometimes if I'm making the filling for egg rolls, I add a "safe" (DD has corn allergy, so it's hard to find) sweet and sour sauce. 

    Your suppers sound so tasty! Now I'm wishing for some eggplant to make some ratatouille!

    Alas, tonight, my DH wants hamburgers, so I shall bow to his wishes. We'll round it out with a salad and some of my fresh from my deck-garden cherry tomatoes. I'm drawing the line at French fries! 

    On second thought … you've given me an idea — I may opt for a stir-fried cabbage to go with the burgers instead. I think I have some slaw to do that.

    On the caramelized onions … if you have a pressure cooker, you can make a big batch of onions to either freeze for future use (and break off chunks or freeze in, say, an ice cube tray) or make French onion soup. Here's the recipe I tried: . They were so sweet and tasty! I believe I did add a small amount of water because I was following my pressure cooker directions. 

    On the fruit — do you have an ice cream maker? Could you make a ? Or here's a recipe for a .

    You may be able to use frozen fruits to make, say, a peach sorbet in the winter. And they'll last for about a month or so in the freezer if you make a big quantity and put it in smaller containers so that you're not taking it all in and out of the freezer frequently.

  • AS

    @K8sMom2002 Wow – great ideas – I'll check out the onion recipe, although I don't have a pressure cooker. I never thought of using the shredded cabbage mixes for stir fry – what a great idea! I often get the frozen stir fry mix but I don't really like it bc it gets mushy when you heat it. Trader Joe/Aldi has a frozen orange chicken that I use for quick suppers – it has soy/wheat – does corn starch count as corn? so it may not be allergy friendly and the cabbage would be fantastic with that. Do you have any Asian markets by you? I wonder if you could find a (traditional) sauce to mix that would be similar to sweet & sour without all the additives. I make my own sauce with soy sauce + Hoisin sauce but the Hoisin has additives. What about orange marmelade, vinegar + soy sauce? That might work – I'll have to experiment. I do have an ice cream maker, which I just put away since school is starting  - but that's a great idea – I think the commercial recipes have so much sugar in them it would be good to make at home and reduce the sugar, and it is easy to buy frozen fruit when fresh isn't available.

  • AS

    @K8sMom2002 I meant to ask you what you mean by coconut aminos? Is that coconut oil? I have a jar of that – I haven't used it for much yet. Not sure what all to do with it. 


  • Melanie Carver

    Hi @AS, 

    Coconut aminos are a soy-free substitute for soy sauce. Here is one brand that is also lower in sodium:  

  • K8sMom2002

    Thanks, Melanie, for chiming in and giving that great website link … that's actually the brand that we've used, and I honestly can't tell the difference between it and soy sauce. 

    @AS, unfortunately we do have to avoid cornstarch AND modified food starch, which means that we have to read every label, every time. But I like your idea about the marmalade — I've never tried marmalade, but its tartness may make it perfect! Thanks!

    We live in the very rural south with no Asian markets nearby, so I have to make do with what I can order online. If you ever see a brand that might work for us at an Asian market, let me know, because I may be able to order it online. 

    I've learned over the years how to make my own DIY Asian dishes at home, even down to making won ton wrappers because I can't find any that are free of cornstarch. 

    Just yesterday, I took some leftover "birthday" steak that we had from my belated birthday supper at my dad's Saturday night and made a quick Asian rice dish. I sliced the beef thin, mixed it with carrots, onions, mushrooms, and ginger, along with soy sauce (you could use coconut aminos for that), then added uncooked rice and water and tossed in the steak bone in for extra flavor. All that went in my pressure cooker for seven minutes, and voila! A tasty quick meal. I added no salt to the rice because I used soy sauce — and even with the low sodium soy sauce, it was perfectly seasoned. 

    Tonight we're having a more traditional meal — I have leg quarters in my slow-cooker, and I'll make some side dishes to go with it. My DH works at a grocery store, and he has said that cabbage will be on sale for 39 cents a pound. I'm hoping that he can bring some home later this week, and I can blanch it and freeze it this weekend for a quick leafy green side dish this winter. 

    What's for supper/dinner at your house tonight?

  • AS

    Thanks @Melanie Carver! @K8sMom2002 that sounds delicious!!!! I'm coming to your house to eat!!! Yes, we are very fortunate to have a lot of ethnic food markets near us. I'll look – I think corn starch is in everything, geez. Tonight was a rush –  store-bought hamburger patties and fries (frozen) on the grill with zucchini halves (also on the grill)  - olive oil & lemon pepper. We had a busy running day and about 90 minutes to cook/eat/get back out for the next activity. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Yum! The only way I like hamburger is grilled! And the zuke halves grilled sound so yummy!

    Let's see … tonight we are having (if DH remembers the ground beef) nachos — I usually do a mix of black beans and ground beef for our nachos, and we have a great corn chip substitute, Beanitos, which are made of bean flour and rice flour.

    If he doesn't remember the ground beef, then I may make a fajita salad out of chicken that I cook in my pressure cooker. I'll use a basic carnita recipe but sub out the chicken. Cuz I have chicken — ten pounds of leg quarters that I got for 39 cents a pound! It's frozen, but the pressure cooker will make short work of it.

    Sounds like you have a busy schedule! How do you plan for your menus? Is it more of, "Hey, this sounds good?" or do you think out the days of the week and say, "this will be a busy day, so I need a quick meal?"

  • AS

    Yes – very busy schedule – I teach all day and then have activities most days after school, probably one of the reasons I got so run down last year. I always keep certain things in my pantry and freezer. I try to kind of generally plan ahead in my mind, but I don't do menus or shop from a list. I have tried but I am just not type A. My biggest thing is to try to remember to take the meat out of the freezer before I leave for work (or put it in the crock pot), and then I just decide on sides – based on whatever vegetables I have on hand, and then either pasta, rice or potatoes. I try to mix it up so my kids don't complain – that is the hardest part. One always has a specific idea of what she wants and the other is just picky or goes on jags – like all he wants to eat is cereal for every meal for one week, the next it is waffles, and so forth LOL. He won't eat cooked vegetables but he will eat raw so I try to cut up some bell peppers/cucumbers/carrots for him. He also loves raw snow peas and will eat those, or I will give him fruit with his meat. He will finally eat pasta and rice now but not potatoes (unless they are fries) or eggs. No one has food allergies so I don't have to worry about that. I use the crock pot a lot during the school year, and if I'm grilling I try to put everything on the grill, or likewise with the oven – just so I'm not juggling multiple dishes/cooking methods. 

    You are so lucky that you have the hook up at the grocery store! I love that! It helps to know when the sales are so you can kind of plan ahead, although I do go through the ads to try to see what I'm looking for. 

  • Kathy P

    AS that sounds like my family! And I struggle to menu plan as well. I like to go to the produce or farmer's market to see what looks good, then plan from there and hit the regular grocery store. But that takes a lot of time – usually a good chunk of a weekend day. But I've been biking with dh a lot, so I wind up wiped out and not wanting to spend a couple hours at the grocery store then have to come home and cook too! The past few weeks have been erratic around here for food! Add in DS working over dinner time too. 

    Definitely need to find my groove again once the kids are dropped off at school.

  • K8sMom2002

    AS, I hear you on the busy schedule! And the picky people!

    I hate to grocery shop. I hate to menu plan. I hate to make grocery lists. And I hate to hear my DH gripe about food that I took the time and effort to cook. He has many, many sterling qualities, but he has this one quirk that drove me up the wall for over the first dozen years of our marriage … he never likes to have the same thing twice in a month.

    So here's what I did: 

    I brainstormed 35 different menus (entrees — side dishes can repeat). And then I set them up so that I have

    • A first Monday meal.
    • A first Tuesday meal.
    • A first Wednesday meal

    You get the picture. The reason that I have 35 menus is so that when there's a 5th Monday or Tuesday, etc., I have a plan in place. 

    And then I rotate them. Each month it's the same menu — but nobody complains because they haven't seen that dish for a month. 

    There are apps out there that will generate a grocery list based on your menus — I use Mealboard, but there are others. I like the fact that with Mealboard, I put in my recipes, I assign them to the days of the week, and then at the touch of a button, I can generate a grocery list in the order the aisles are in the store. 

    You can also set notifications for certain meals — they'll pop up on your phone and you can get a reminder about something to do with your meal prep. I do that a LOT. 

    It's hard to come up with 35 different menus, but if you get your family involved, and everyone names, say, five menus, you can scatter them out. OR if you have a more reasonable family than my DH when it comes to repeats, you could get by with 18 different menus and repeat them every two weeks, or 7 different menus and repeat them weekly.  

    I do "theme nights" … Monday is Italian, Tuesday is Tex-Mex, Wednesday is quick and easy, Thursday is traditional Americana, and Friday is fish (unless it's football season, in which case, I allow DH to take charge of getting us supper). Saturday is sandwiches, and Sunday is our big meal of the week.

    As for my DH … we do buy some groceries at his store (I love his store's meats!), but since my DD has food allergies, I have to shop at a grocery that has a bigger organic/natural foods section. But when I can take advantage of home delivery AND kiss the delivery guy, I most certainly do!

  • K8sMom2002

    And my supper tonight was beef stroganoff … or at least my quick version of it: pasta, with a sauce made with ground beef, mushrooms, onions, garlic and cream. I make the base ahead and freeze it in meal size portions, then add it to my browned ground beef along with more onions, peppers, evaporated milk and sour cream. 

    What did everyone else have?

  • AS

    Wow! Sounds delicious! Everyone was in different directions - hubby was out for dinner, got McD's for one, I had leftover grilled salmon, yellow rice & still eating the cabbage – tomorrow I will cook, not sure what yet. I like your idea of coming up with different meal plans to rotate – but I doubt I could actually pull that off – I pretty much stand in front of the fridge/pantry and decide what I feel like, just like the kids when they open the fridge and stare at it like it will make them a meal LOL!

  • Pljohns

    I do a variation of what Cynthia does-I plan a menu for the month, put the next 2 weeks in my phone and every morning when I leave, I put out meat to thaw.  My DH will not eat left overs unless it's pizza or lasagna so it's tough.  Thurs night is our "clean out" night-if they don't like what's in the refrig, they can have a sandwich but I don't cook big and Sat and Sun we keep it pretty simple.  I haven't used an app but i may try the one cynthina mentioned and see how it goes.  It certainly would be easier for me than what I do now.  BTW-we had beef stroganoff last night too-pressure cooker and done in 20 min. 

  • K8sMom2002
    AS posted:

     I had leftover grilled salmon, yellow rice & still eating the cabbage - 

    That sounds yummy! 

    I am NOT a joyful cook, I'm afraid. Some people find cooking relaxing, but I'm not that person. I've always been extremely self-conscious about my cooking abilities, especially since I come from a family of Good Cooks.

    I like cooking better than I did when I first got married — maybe it's because I've learned some tricks and tips and recipes. And I will say this — since I've had to cook from scratch for several years now, I've gotten better at cooking and have a few "star turns." I still remember the time my DH heard me giving a recipe to my sis over the phone. 

    "Wait," he said, with no malice at ALL intended. "She's asking YOU for a recipe??"

    To which I said, "I know, right? Whoddathunkit?"

    Lynn, I hear you on picky hubbies, but they're worth it, right? Especially when DH comes in and says, "Hey, I tried XY or Z for lunch today, and it's not nearly as good as yours."

    Tonight is chicken salad sandwiches, because I have a meeting that I have to attend this evening — I cooked the chicken ahead this AM in the pressure cooker, and DH has offered to take it and make the salad for me. Can't beat that!

  • Jen

    I am enjoying this thread just for the meal ideas!  Tonight dh grilled Italian sausages, we had a baked beans/black beans mix and cucumber tomato salad that dh made.  

    @RedCoog Welcome.  

  • AS

    LOL leftovers again for everyone tonight bc more activities going on – and good news – just got back from my wonderful allergist and my numbers are better than before and I'm feeling better, obviously. So happy to have finally found a Dr. who has gotten me in the right direction. 

    Now – another topic that I know there is a thread for, but . . . I noticed when I went back to school that many teachers now have the wax melters and air fresheners in their classroom, and in some rooms it is very overpowering. It kind of made me panic because I thought of the kids in those rooms and if they have severe asthma and are there all day . . . NOT GOOD. So I am going to bring it up with our head nurse and maybe they will consider changing this. I know some schools do not allow any of that. It never would have occurred to me as a health issue before, but now I think some of these kids could be feeling bad and don't even know why. I'll let you know how it turns out. To me this is just as serious as the peanut issue.

  • Jen

    AS – I hear you on leftovers. Nothing wrong with that.  Our evening schedule is about to get rather hectic.  dd's 2 and 3 are trying field hockey this fall.  That's 4 nights a week of practice between the 2 of them. Add in 1-2 practices a week for their club lacrosse team and who knows what else with the other 2….going to have to make meal plan adjustments for all the busy days.

    As for issues with air fresheners and such, I know other members have similar triggers.  @Pljohns and @Gloria I think have both had issues with fragrances.  They may have some good ideas for you.

  • RedCoog

    Pretty cool to see everyone's meals ideas!


    here are some snacks I've been munching on that are light and tasty!

    Celery with Hummus

    Cucumbers slices with guacamole 

    berrys and nuts (if your not allergic!!!)


  • K8sMom2002

    @AS, on the good numbers! That's worth a topic all to itself — maybe we should start a Good News Friday thread! And hey, if I could get away with leftovers, I surely would!

    RedCoog, I can't eat celery (allergy to it), but I used to love it! I love hummus and guacamole, and berries and nuts (we no longer have to avoid peanuts!). Those are some good snacks! Do you pre-cut your snack foods so that you'll have them handy?

    DD enjoys grapes … your snack ideas have inspired me to remember to get some.

    Jen, your grilled Italian sausages sounded so yummy! 

    Tonight, since our DD is a varsity cheerleader, DH and I will be on the road a couple of hours one way to see her cheer at an away game. He's offered to make grilled cheese sandwiches for us… eek, not a green leafy veggie in sight, but it's quick and it's easy. I have some tomatoes we can slice to go along with it. 

  • Kathy P

    AS I created a new topic with the question about air fresheners and scented wax. 

    We eat a lot of fresh/raw veggies and fruit. We are traveling and staying with family. It's rough because they eat quite differently. Yesterday, I made a run to the farmer's market and got lots of fresh veggies and fruit. Most is already eaten LOL!

    I cut up broccoli and cauliflower for stir fry. Family would have used frozen. I cut up more and had a dish of crudites – broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, radishes. It's all gone! I bought 2 quarts of blueberries and those are almost gone too. Both dishes were just sitting on the table and we all snack as we walk by. 

    Today I picked up more veggies and put out the stone fruit I'd gotten from the farmer's market. 

  • AS

    @Kathy P yes! Love the blueberries – my family loves those and also strawberries – I just cut the tops off and leave them out and they eat them, same with grapes & cherries. Today my son didn't want to eat dinner – I think he had eaten after school – so I gave him a bowl of raw broccoli and a sparkling water, and he'll probably come back for cereal or yogurt later. We had sauteed tuna steaks, broiled broccoli (@400° in the oven w/ garlic, salt, olive oil) and corn on the cob. Another thing I keep on hand for snacks is whole dates – fiber and sweet.

  • Jen

    I love berries!  I often will throw together a bowl of mixed berries and then add a little whipped cream.

  • K8sMom2002

    Love the dates, @AS. There are date rolls/balls with coconuts and nuts in them that we've used before. Very tasty! And you can make your own as well. 

    Last night I made chicken scampi with lots of mushrooms, onions, garlic and red bell peppers. Tasty! 

    Tonight, I'm going to try a new recipe — kind of a mix of Mexican rice and chicken. I'm not sure how my family will like it because tomatoes and rice aren't their favorite, but it sounds like an easy meal, and I need easy tonight. 

  • Pljohns

    I put a roast in the crock pot before I left and boiled pot and carrots last night so DS#2 can just add them to the crock when he gets home.  It will have changed over to warm by then so there was no way the pot and carrots would have been done in time for dinner if I hadn't boiled them last night but they should have time to get good and warm.

  • Jen

    Since dinner seems to be a popular topic of discussion in this thread, I started a new topic - .  No matter what type of diet you are (or aren't) following, it should be a great place for us to share meal ideas.

  • green881

    @AS I read your OP link and surprise it turns out I've been on it for about 6 years already, more or less.  Interesting.

  • green881
    K8sMom2002 posted:

    Do you think it makes a difference for you, @green881?

    Sure I've been good over that period, until now.  But I've always been on some type of diet and exercise hard to point to a specific benefit.  I figure it is something you have to do anyway for general health.  Certainly general energy levels are good.

  • Shea

    I just heard about Alkaline diets from a person who used to struggle a lot with environmental allergies in the Florida climate. He suggested an alkaline diet and to limit sugar. I get heartburn a lot (long-term prednisone-use-related) and so I am trying fto learn more about what foods are alkaline. 

    Besides that I try to limit wheat, and stick with olive oil or coconut oils, and take omega 3 supplements and probiotics.

    I guess those things are antiinflammatory and promote better gut health. I am trying. 

    Tonight I am making this: .   But I am going to add flax and/or hemp seeds for protein… I might do a couple steak skewers or grassfed beef burgers too because I have got some meat eaters in my family too. 

  • Shea

    It turned out yummy, it had good flavors with the Dijon and feta cheeses, and it went well with steak. Everyone liked it (except my 5 year old–he is picky– he ate carrots and some cheese and chocolate milk instead). 

  • RedCoog

    So one of the items I've read, that I've incorporated in my diet, is the use of a lot of fruits high in vitamin C, onions, garlic, tomatoes, etc.

    the problem I see is that these are quite acidic and could great some acid reflux. 

    Do any of you guys have issues with theses foods/ingredients? I have some minor reflux here and there, but at the moment I don't think it bothers me nor do I want to take any medication to control it (unless I really have too!). 

    What do you all think?!

  • Jen

    What sorts of things seem to trigger your reflux when you do get it?

  • RedCoog

    Hi Jen,

    you know, I think it's more of a consultative effect! If I eat a bunch of acidic stuff I feel it, so I usually know how to manage it!

    the one that almost always hits me is pineapple!

  • Jen

    I find that there isn't any one thing that causes reflux for me these days except overeating…and that doesn't seem to take much with age-related metabolism slowdown.

  • AS

    Hey everyone, it's been crazy busy so sorry I've haven't been very engaged. As far as the vit. C – I use a lot of garlic & tomatoes and those don't seem to bother us. My DH has acid reflux so he can't eat peppers – so I have had to cut way back on those, but I eat them and they don't bother me. The only time I get reflux is when I overeat, as Jen said. 

    As far as recipes –  - over the weekend I made my version of "Kabuli Pulao" which is Afghani rice (basmati) – with lots of spices, carrots, raisins & almonds. It is supposed to be made it in several steps but I cook it mostly together in one pot. I also made a rice dish with sauteed garlic, onion, pepper, light tomato, ground sausage, cumin, tumeric, paprika and then mixed in the rice to cook together. We also had a lot of mostaccioli w/ marinara left over so we have pretty much been eating those 3 dishes all week. My friend brought me a bunch of swiss chard and eggplant so that's what I'll cook next. The swiss chard is good with garlic, onion & tomato. 

  • Kathy P

    Ooh those rice dishes sound yummy! One we like here is Mujadara – basmati rice with lentils and crispy onions. I've figured out how to make it in my rice cooker. The boy messaged me last week to ask for the recipe to make at school. He was making it for some friends. He said it came out well!

  • K8sMom2002

    Mmmm … now I want ratatouille, with all this talk of tomatoes and garlic and eggplant! Thanks for making me hungry for veggies!

  • RedCoog

    So I've added a few anti inflammatory things I'd like to share with the group!

    ive tatted a 600mg/day turmeric suppliment. No heartburn or other issues.

    ive added a daily drink that includes celery, apple, ginger, honey, kale/spinach, turmeric, and lemons!

    ive felt better with these additions on top of all the other things I'm doing to manage this asthma!