Anti allergenic/asthmatic roach gels

Hi. Does anybody know if there is an anti-allergic/anti-asthmatic roach gel on the market? As I have posted before, my Co-op is forcing every apartment to be exterminated. I won't repeat the horrors I went through with the initial extermination, but I am sure all of my allergic and asthmatic reactions we're due to the gel that was laid down by the exterminator. Does anybody have any names of anti allergic/anti asthmatic roach gels? They can even be for professional use only! Because, of course, the exterminator will be using the gel.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I did Google it but came up a bit short.😊

And I do want to take a moment to vent. So if you don't want to read a vent you can stop here!😊 My allergist almost made me punch her out when I saw her this week. I kept telling her that I had not had an asthmatic attack in over 45 years because my only triggers were cats and dogs. And, that I am positive the roach gel that the exterminator put in my apartment was the trigger to my severe allergic and asthmatic reactions. She sniffed and patronisingly said to me 'well people develop these allergies and asthma sometimes late in life'. I swear, I'm surprised she didn't pat my head and say 'there, there little girl'. She really does need a smack in the face. I know my body, I know my asthmatic and allergic triggers. It was not a coincidence that the day after the roach gel was laid down in my apartment my body went into hyperactive drive with respect to allergic and asthmatic reactions. Anybody know the usual amount of jail time a person gets for punching out their allergist? Asking for a friend.😆

Thanks as always for your help and suggestions.


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  • James

    Hmm I haven't heard of any gels that are advertised as non toxic or non allergenic..  I used advion roach gel in my kitchen and it really worked well to get rid of roaches.  Maybe you can ask an exterminator, they probably know the most about this stuff

  • Kathy P

    Welcome James !

    Paularose, sorry to hear the allergist was dismissive of your concerns. That's so frustrating! On the other hand, people can develop new allergies at any time and severity/response to things you are already allergic to can change. I know my allergies have just gotten steadily worse over time. 

    I'm not sure if finding the data sheets for the products would give you much info. That is more toxicity but won't really tell you if it's going to trigger your asthma.

  • Paularose

    Thanks James and Kathy. Sigh… It seems like there is not going to be a resolution to this situation until I am in the ground. But as usual thanks for your replies.😊

  • Kathy P

    What about asking the exterminator to "sample" being exposed to the different products? That might sound crazy, but could be a way to test your reaction to it. 

  • Paularose

    Kathy, not a crazy idea at all. It's just, just that I am so so terrified of having another severe reaction to a gel that I am now terrified to have them put anyting else in the apartment. But thanks for the good suggestion.

  • Kathy P

    That's why I was thinking they could put it on something you can have inyour apartment to test whether it causes problems, but that it could bequickly removed if it does. Now that might not be in the same quantitythat would be used to treat your apartment, but might help eliminateones you know are going to be an issue.

  • K8sMom2002

    Hugs, Paularose … this has to be an extremely frustrating issue.

    Do you have signs of roach infestation in your unit? I'm wondering what an exterminator's opinion would be about treating every other unit in the building BUT yours if yours doesn't have signs of roach infestation. 

    Could you talk to an exterminator to see what they would recommend for people managing asthma? 

    And Welcome to @James! Glad you've found something that works for you.

  • Paularose

    I called the company that is doing the extermination in my apartment building. The exterminator is coming to my apartment next week when I will grill him. I found a very good article on what an exterminator, or at least a good exterminator, should do before exterminating any apartment. It is basically a checklist of items to go over with exterminator and the person whose apartment is being exterminated. Got some good ideas from the article about questions to ask exterminator.

  • Shea

    Im brainstorming on this topic… I have used Borax to keep roaches away in the past, and it did not bother my asthma and allergies (( And EVERYTHING bothers my asthma and allergies!)). Borax isnt, like, strong … But it works! and you could make a "reasonable accomodation" request that it be used in your unit due to your asthma/allergy/chemical sensitivity.

    You can also request MSDS sheets for the chemicals they use and find ones that rank lower on the "lung irritant" section.

    I totally get ya on being frustrated with allergists/doctors at times. Cant live with em, cant live without em (yet! One day I might be able to!!!). 

    Some air purifiers use charcoal filters and can filter out chemicals (but they are usually expensive) but a regulat HEPA air purifier might help too– not sure if you have one already–youd have to research that probably before you made a purchase.

    You can buy these MOSO bamboo charcoal bags that absorb chemicals and VOCs–those have worked well for me for paint fumes and furniture off-gassing. 

    Lower cost things would be masks, although thatd be a pain to wear in your living space, it might be worth it for a short duraction… and maybe use fans to diffuse it and blow the smell and chemicals away from you toward a window. 

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes!