Animals with asthma… yes, you heard that correctly!

My friend Suzi, a wonderful human who runs Zeb's Wish Equine Sanctuary in Sandy, Oregon just shared the following post to their social media page:

I honestly had no idea other animals got asthma too!  I asked Suzi about this, and she said "This is newer technology and is a godsend to help this big boy breathe. He gets an initial albuterol treatment then it is followed up with a fluticazone, a directed corticosteroid. Systemic steroids can lead to detrimental issues in horses such as laminitis and founder so this treatment helps to mitigate for that dangerous potential affect." 

She also said that Bodhi's breathing issues have been compounded by the air quality from recent wildfires.  Hang in there Bodhi!

So there you have it folks… this horse takes almost the same medications for asthma that I do!  



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  • Jen

    I've heard of animals having allergies, so this does make sense.  Glad they found a nebulizer system that works.