Altitude and asthma?

Random thought/question: do you think altitude has an impact on your asthma symptoms? I used to live at sea level but now live at about 3700 feet. I noticed previously in my old city, my o2 sat would always be 98-99%, but here more often then not it’s 95%. Maybe that’s why I’m noticing more symptoms (shortness of breath) at peak flows before that wouldn’t have bothered me. Example: I usually live at 450 when under perfect control, but used to get symptomatic at 340. Now sometimes I’m super uncomfortable at 380 and feel like a fish out of water at 300.


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  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, Em — you have such GREAT questions that I wanted to showcase and make sure other folks could easily find them, so I created a new topic with it.

    And yes, I've heard other members say that altitude can definitely have an impact on people's asthma. It could also be other things that go along with altitude: colder, dryer air, other environmental allergies, and other things in your environment like more pollution or particulate matter.

    For instance, I live in a small town, but when I travel to Atlanta, the particulate matter and smog get me.