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First off, I would like to thank everybody in this forum who have been so kind and supportive in answering my questions. Not only do you answer them but you follow up on the questions. I cannot tell all of you how much your support and kindness have meant to me. That being said I do have a question. Is anybody familiar with a product called Allergen Spray (that looks to be the name on the plastic bottle) and it also says Allergy Asthma Clean. I found this on Amazon and it comes in a plastic bottle about the size of a quart and a half. It is a spray bottle with some white powder at the bottom. You dilute this powder with water and then spray it on all soft surfaces and in the air in order to reduce allergens. It specifically says 'reduce airborne and surface allergens from cats dogs dust mites cockroaches'.

According to the bottle it's 100% mineral-based formula that includes carbonates baking soda and zeolite.

Apparently what you do is dilute the powder in the bottle with water. And then spray it all over your carpeting, your furniture, even in the air to reduce allergens. Also on the bottle is the name of the co-founder of the company called, Savannah Elliott.

Has anybody use this product? I used one or two bottles but have not noticed any difference in the air quality. I don't know if is too filled with allergens, or that I have now become so allergic that nothing will help. As always, all feedback is greatly appreciated.


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  • K8sMom2002

    Paularose, it's absolutely our pleasure to help — so many folks have helped me that I love the opportunity to "pay it forward!"

    I've never heard of that spray, and so I've never used it. It sounds like it hasn't worked as well as you hoped it would. Could you ask your doctor about it? 

    When I think about reducing allergens, I go back to the science-based recommendations that AAFA has in its resources to .

    And here's more information on . That may be a place to start your search for products that are tested to see if they are more suitable for folks with asthma and allergies.

  • Megan Roberts

    Hey @Paularose, I have never actually used an anti-allergen spray to reduce my indoor allergens (though lord knows I'd be a good candidate for a spray like that)! All the information websites I found about these types of sprays were sites selling them (or blogs that probably receive ad money for sales linked to that blog). So I am a bit skeptical about how well they work without any test results to look at. 

    If you are looking for products that have undergone scientific testing for effectiveness at reducing allergens, you can check out our . Any product that receives the certification label has to pass a rigorous testing process.

    Although, I am guessing that in your situation, there is probably not a commercially available spray that would reduce allergens enough on its own without being paired with another solution (ie a deep cleaning of surfaces). I know you are struggling right now looking for solutions for the allergens in your home — and I hope you find what you are looking for! Hopefully the spray combined with your cleaning efforts will start to help a bit. 

    What other ways could you reduce allergens in your home? Do you think you are just allergic to the chemicals the exterminator left or do you have other allergies on top of that? Here's an article on other steps to if you haven't checked it out already.