Air Quality alert and Check in for Pacific Northwest folks!

AAFA shared an Air Quality alert for the Pacific Northwest yesterday on :

The Pacific Northwest region is experiencing Unhealthy air quality due to wildfires which puts people with asthma at risk. Check your local air quality at Learn tips for managing asthma symptoms from air pollution at: 

I checked this morning, and the current map looks very similar to yesterday's.

Areas in the orange zones are considered "unsafe for sensitive groups" (people with asthma). Areas in red are unhealthy for everyone and areas in purple are very unhealthy. You can find this information anytime at .

Thinking of everyone who may be dealing with this today! If you're there, what are the ways you manage days like this?


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  • Megan Roberts

    The Pacific Northwest is still not out of the woods yet. about the conditions and the air pollution advisory which is extended through Tuesday, even though the temperature has dropped somewhat from last week.  

    Smoke from wildfires on top of the record high temperatures is placing asthma sufferers at even higher risk. from AAFA about air pollution and how to reduce your exposure to it.  Thinking about all of our Oregon, Washington, Idaho and other PNW area community members right now.  Stay safe everyone! 

  • Melanie Carver

    I just came home (to Pacific Northwest) after a week away on the east coast. 

    It is still very hazy here. I'm limiting my time outside and not opening any windows. This means the house is hot and gross.

    I have my certified asthma & allergy friendly air cleaner running and it has an app that tells me the indoor air quality – it's been able to keep the air in the green zone except for one really bad air day.

    I'm nervous about my daughter who works outside all day. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Ugh on the gross house and having to keep the windows shut — and on your daughter having to work outside! Hope you have an AC or at least a fan!

  • K8sMom2002

    Hoping the air quality is a bit better for everyone in the Pacific Northwest … or at least it's cooler so that things are more bearable when you have to stay inside with the windows shut.