African Dust Cloud

Hi y'all …. for those of you near the Gulf Coast and especially my Texas buddies, what are you doing differently (if anything) this weekend when the big dust cloud is supposed to arrive? Is it all media hype that I don't need to worry about or should I be proactive with staying indoors and wearing my vogmask when I have to go out?




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  • Shea

    I did not know about this–I live in FL, I dont think my area will be affected too much but I will be aware and prepared (I carry a mask in my purse and of course my inhalers). If I travel more than 30 minutes from home I pack my portable nebulizer too.

  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    @jtomotaki, I hadn't heard of this either, but just did a quick check and found the Weather Channel link listed below. In addition, I added links to two other air quality websites, so you can check to see what the air quality will be like for your zip code/city each day. 

      Let us know how things go this weekend!  Sending that it won't be too problematic!

    • jtomotaki

      Thank you, Brenda! I have seen the TX Commission site but not the others. Only our local news. When I was googling this, I did see that it happened this same time last year so this isn't a new or unusual event. I have been more in-tune with asthma-related things this year though so that's probably why the news caught my eye!



    • Brenda Silvia-Torma

      You're welcome!  I was surprised to see that this happens every few years!!  5,000 miles sure is a long way for dust to travel. 

    • K8sMom2002

      Wow, I had not heard of this — thanks for sharing, Jenny! How did this weekend go for you?

      I recently read a book on the Dust Bowl in the 1930s, and it talked about how the dust at one point was so bad it traveled all the way to Washington DC. I was particularly struck by the accounts of the lung problems people developed due to all that dust. 

    • jtomotaki

      @K8sMom2002  The cloud began descending last night ….. Forgot to remind my son to take his inhaler to soccer practice. He made it through practice but was a very noisy wheezer when he came home! He responded well to the nebs and used rescue inhaler again this morning.

      Rules now are no outdoor play until Monday. I intended to bring my mask with me to walk from the bus stop to my office but I forgot. I'm doing okay now though. 


    • K8sMom2002

      Yikes, Jenny! How long is this supposed to hang around? I hope it passes through very quickly!

    • Kathy P

      That's pretty bizarre! I haven't heard about it before either. Yikes on wheezing at the end of practice.

      AAFA just published a blog about , but the tips would work for this dust cloud too! When you close up the house, you also have to think about your "indoor air."

    • jtomotaki

      Hi y'all and happy Monday …. We did well over the weekend. In spite of my best efforts, I could not keep my asthma-kid inside. His cousins were visiting and my brother-in-law pretty blatantly poo-poo'd my concern and I gave in. Jacob played outside Friday night, Saturday, AND Sunday. He wheezed pretty good on Friday and Saturday but his ventolin inhaler was enough. I stayed indoors except for going from the car to the store/church and back.

      Thanks for checking on us!

    • Marie E Natzke

      American Lung Association had an app for the phone called State of the Air. I downloaded it to my phone. It give you ozone and air particulates and what level the Air is in your area. It's been pretty accurate for my area so far

    • LK

      Hope you dust blows away soon for you!  

      Marie,  Sounds like a good app!  May have to add it to my phone.  Thank you for mentioning it!  Hope your Humira shots are helping!

    • Pljohns

      Marie-thanks for the info on the app-I use one called AirVisual-it’s been pretty good too!

    • Marie E Natzke

      PLJohns I've only had 2 shots so far I take one every other week. Too soon to tell yet I was told it can take up to 12 weeks before I know for sure if it's going to help. Keeping my fingers crossed that this works.

      You hang in there as well!!!

    • Marie E Natzke

      PLJohns and LK, sorry ladies I mixed you up sometimes…I put the wrong name on the's time for bed for me u both have a good evening.!!

    • LK

      Thanks, Marie!    It's perfectly fine to mix me up with Lynn!    Don't mind at all!  Hope you sleep well! 

    • Melissa G

      Jenny glad to hear you had a good weekend and the ventolin is all that was needed for your son! 

      Marie, I had no idea about the app! Thanks! 

    • Melissa G

      Jennifer, I hope you and your son have been doing well! How has the weather been in your area? We have been getting lots of torrential rain here.