Adult Onset Asthma Is Not A Myth; Experts Hard At Work To Find Relief For Older Sufferers

This was EXTREMELY interesting to me, as I wasn't diagnosed with asthma until I was 30. It was mind boggling and humbling to read how little kids actually do a better job with inhalers than grown-ups do. 

"… [The reason that adults don’t respond as well to inhalers as children do] could also be because adults are bad with inhalers, Garofano said; they’re less coordinated than children and struggle more to breathe in the medicine …" 


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  • Jen

    I believe it.  My allergies have waxed and waned through my adult years, so I can totally see the same with asthma.

  • Anne P

    My mom was diagnosed with asthma as a senior citizen, and DH & I have adult onset asthma too.

    It's interesting that adults are not as coordinated as the kids because many people mistakenly believe that spacers are for kids only because the kids haven't learned to use the inhaler only.  Reality is that spacers make the asthma meds more effective for everyone.

  • Kathy P

    Welcome Anne P.

    My asthma was not dx until I was an adult, but looking back, I always had issues. I remember having to run laps in PE and I'd be coughing and gasping for air. Just no one connected the dots.

  • K8sMom2002

    Anne P, I still remember arguing my doctor down the first time he diagnosed me with asthma.

    I said, "But people with asthma wheeze, and I don't wheeze!"

    He said, "Wanna bet?" And then he placed his palms on the sides of my ribcage and didn't even press that hard. "Now exhale," he ordered me.

    I did … and I whistled like a tea kettle.

    I think people have the misunderstanding that wheezing has to be audible to the unaided ear, but that's not so. A lot of times the wheezing is something detected by a doctor with a stethoscope. 

    Kathy P, I was the same way — I'd had those awful "coughing spells" all my life, as did my mom, and we never even complained to the doctor because we thought "everybody" had that.

  • Kathy P

    Interesting about wheezing – and yes, it doesn't need to be audible!

    I often feel like I have an elephant on my chest and the doc will listen and tell me that I'm moving plenty of air. My peak flow readings don't tank til things get pretty bad either.