Adding to the list of running into Asthma/Allergy Triggers!!

Today I had an appointment to have my hair cut and a glaze put on it, to help control my crazy grey hair.  So as usual I was early so I sat down in the waiting area for my turn. It's a Salon where there's many rooms that people rent to do hair, nails, make-up..etc.  So I was waiting in a hall like area but by my beautician. I got my phone out to read the news…and I hear that all familiar jingle….and no it wasn't jingle bells!!

I thought oh no here we go again… And sure enough a woman is walking around with her dog on a leash…

Car dealership, mall, grocery stores, drug store, bookstore, beauty salon.

Hopsital, nursing home, hospice…

Any one care to add to this list of places you've run into your asthma/allergy trigger!!


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  • LK

    Oh, Marie, I'm so sorry!  Hope you don't have any reaction from the encounter. 

  • Shea

    Ugh, Marie, I am so sorry…. I feel your pain!!! Honestly– when there was a dog in my allergist/immunologist waiting area and I was told I could wait outside… That is the point in time that I lost all faith in hunan rationality. But also the Target girl holding her dog in a baby carrier on her stonach was pretty nauseating for me– especially because they are supposedly "service animals only". 

    But dont worry Marie– because I am going to start a chain center where no animals are allowed in because it is a specialty center for those with asthma and allergies– I am determined one day to open one. 

    In the meantime, I will leave places, and not shop there or go there again based on their policies and hiw they react if I complain… And if Im stuck I will wear my mask until I can make it out. 

  • Melissa G

    I have to say, that is the craziest place I have heard a pet being! Did you say anything to anyone? 

    Did you end up having a flare? How are you doing tonight?

  • Marie E Natzke

    LOL  I  everyone's response. 

    LK I seem to be ok this evening

    Yes I stayed …my hairdresser brought me into her room and closed the door.  But they still share the duct work.  But with the type of place it is I'm wondering if they have a good filtering system because of all the smells in the beauty shop?

    And yes I said something.  I asked her is there a reason she has a dog with her.  (small dog)  She got a little flustered and said yes he had to have his toe nails cut.  I don't remember all she said didn't make sense.  She asked me why i was asking.  I said i'm allergic and i'll have a problem she made some remark that everyone breathes and walked away from me.  But I heard her complaining to someone that I complained. 

    I will fight this.

    I  my hairdresser and there's no way i'm changing.  Took me too may bad haircuts before I found someone who really took the time to treat my hair.  Especially now with being on Humira and what it's doing to my hair.  My hair dresser told me they have a contract to rent the "rooms" and they are NOT ALLOWED PETS in there.  So this is not the end of the story i'll post updates as I get answers. 

    Melissa G I was sneezing this afternoon after I was home for a while.  But I've been having a problem to begin with so who knows.  I took some cough medicine my Dr gives me and allegra D instead of using nebulizer.  I've seem to have settled down some.  I also have been using my trusted remedy since childhood soreness from coughing my mentholatum, which is helping with some of the back pain. 

    Shea I'm getting too stubborn in my old age and I plan on fighting back any way I can.  My hairdresser doesn't want to lose me as a client.  She has complained before about someone bringing in a dog that was supposedly a service animal but wasn't.  She's no longer there due to the complaints.  So complain I shall!!!

  • Shea

    That is awesome Marie, and I do so whenever I have had the energy– I just had a few bad bumps in a row with the response to my complaints that for ne kinda weary if complaining. 

    At the allergist I had to go upstairs and they gave me a form to fill out and I did talk to a lady up there sge said they cannot even ask them if it is a sevice dog due to privacy practices and cannot verify it in any way and that I was not the first person to complain, but that I could wait outside and they'd call my cell phone. I told ger that easnt really satisfactory for me. I no longer see my allergist/immunologist at that office after that response. 

    At Target they told me they couldnt do anything (this was the store manager). I still go there occasionally because they at least say on their doirs service animal only but after tge person with the puppy in a baby carrier I havent been back and probably wont.

    At Barnes abd Noble they said they are pet-friendly, so sorry to me– I said sorry to you because you wont have my business anymore. 

  • LK

    I agree with you, Marie.  It would also mean that they would hopefully have specific training so as not to touch food items as someone mentioned she saw a pet animal do at the grocery store.

  • Marie E Natzke

    I wanted to share the email I was sent by the salon owner. My response to him was was that I thanked him for responding to my email. But no matter what you call a dog, service animal or therapy dog my reactions will be the same.  I let the beautician know about his response.  I haven't heard back from her yet.

    I've gotten worse in how I've been feeling, my cough still won't ease, I'm losing my voice more than I was, and now tonight I'm running a low grade fever.  100.3….I know sometimes when it's an allergy you can run a low grade fever. But with all the immune suppression drugs i'm on I don't know what to think. I'm calling allergist as soon as the office opens tomorrow I'll also have to call in again…

    Just wanted to update everyone have a good rest of the evening

  • LK

    Marie,  I am sorry you are feeling worse!       Hope you are able to get a hold of your doctor first thing in the morning!  Please let us know how you are doing.  

  • Shea

    Marie, well– I guess the response is as good of a response as you can get…. As almost* everywhere seems to feel legally required to allow service dogs (except places that can deny them because it permanently alters their environment and/or is reserved for those with allergies, like the dorms reserved for those with allergies). You could inquire as to how often the owner brings the dog there and (if its not often), you can ask that on days you scedule an appt for them to make a note and inform the owner to make sure both of you wont be there on the same day. 

    Im sorry about your fever and not feeling well and I hope you feel better soon. Hugs!

  • K8sMom2002

    Shea, love your idea about staggering appointments!

    Also, my hairdresser recently moved into a back room that was accessible by a side door — she's older than the "young things" up front and needed some peace and quiet! So Marie, maybe your stylist could find an out of the way spot that would be away from where any service dogs are?

    I'm just going when I think of that lady's answer to you — get her dog's toenails clipped? Isn't that what a vet or a grooming salon is for??

  • Dawn Graziano

    I have recently joined this site. Although it is nice to hear there are others like me who share my difficult situations, I don't want to simply vent.

    What can we do to secure our rights to a breath? To a clean and healthy environment? I agree and it seems everywhere I go ow there are animals, service or otherwise. I took my husband to the hospital this week for an out patient procedure and had to sit in a waiting room for 2 hours. There was a person there with a large, hairy service animal, Even in hospitals! I sat as far away as possible in an adjoining area but thought to myself. What is that person ad just left and I sat in that spot breathing in the hair and dander and getting in on my clothing. It did not seem like this person required the service animal and perhaps it was for the person she ws waiting for but something must be done!

    It seems I can't go anywhere any longer. I have lost my rights and privledge to fly and had to sell my time share at a huge loss.

    WHERE ARE OUR RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!


  • K8sMom2002

    Dawn, like you, I'm shocked at the number of animals I see in hospitals. When my DD had surgery at a major children's hospital, there in the lobby were "comfort therapy animals" — lovely dogs to be sure, but all I could think of was folks like you and Shea and so many others who are extremely sensitive to pet dander. 

    Education and awareness is the first step to getting allergy rights recognized as important. But you have rights under the ADA for public spaces, and the definition of service dogs is narrower under the ADA than the ACAA.

    Could you talk to a patient advocate at the hospital? Or speak to someone at the ?

    800 – 514 – 0301 (voice)800 – 514 – 0383 (TTY)

    I love your "don't just want to vent" attitude!

  • Marie E Natzke

    Shea, LK, Dawn Graziano, K8SMOM2002, Melissa G,

    I was able to get in late yesterday to see my allergist. He thinks I have bronchitis. But it is a weird bronchitis. When I do get something out its clear. He gave me an z-pack. I still feel scrappy this morning, but a little better. I stayed home today. It still could be an allergy attack, but I don't know what triggered this. I also could have picked something up from when my sister was in the hospital and just can't fight it off because of being on Humira.

    The salon I go to has more than one entrance, but she was all over the place with the dog. All the salons have central air and heating that they share. So it's not going to matter where I go. I've never been to a Salon like this. It's not an open floor plan. It's individual rooms. My hairdresser is in the middle of the "v" style floor plan. 

    Dawn I can't fly anymore as well. From all the police dogs walking around the airport ( I live in Chicago) to all the pets on the planes. It is very disheartening at times. I don't know if this is why I got so bad this week. I seemed to get worse after my haircut. This last month has been extremely stressful for me and that could have added to this as well. I hope your husband is ok. I would have done the same  thing sitting in  a different area. I had to have my car serviced a while ago and someone had their dog with them. There was dog hair all over the chairs. I complained to my salesperson. I ended up getting a free oil change Out of it but that's not what I was after. The person who contacted me from the dealership thanked me for complaining as there are others that work there that are allergy/ asthmatic sufferers. So don't feel bad if you complain no matter where you run into a dog even in a hospital. The more of us that complain the more we'll be taken seriously. 

    My allergist doesn't know what more to do for me. They wanted to put me on a short dose of prednisone but being on humira that's not possible for me to go on it. I see the new ENT March 23.  If it's my allergies I'll still be having a problem. If it was a bug, I'll be better by then. I've also run out of my budenoside for my nasal rinse so if this is why I'm having a problem I can share that too with the ENT. My allergist wants me to see an ENT and I let him know that the ones he sent me too don't want to see me unless I have a full-blown infection. So my thinking is this, if I have a problem with the new guy in going to see, I might need to find a different immunologist. One that will understand allergies and my autoimmune disease Ankylosing Spondilits. 

    so Dawn don't feel bad about venting. We all do it and I'm just glad your all here to listen to me when I do!!

  • Melissa G

    Marie, I am glad you were able to see the dr and was prescribed medication. I hope you start feeling better soon! 

  • Pljohns

    Marie-hope you are feeling better.  Being sick with the weather you have had has be be awful 

  • Marie E Natzke

    Happy St Patrick's Day everyone I know it's early!!

    No I'm still feeling bad. Still running low grade fever 99.3 .Chills and aching. We did clean the furnace on the second floor where my bedroom is it was very dirty…used a shop vac and mask!!!

  • Dawn Graziano

    On another note, I am wondering if anyone has found anything other that steroids that helps with eczema? I have been treated by allergists and dermatologists my entire life and spend a lot of money on creams and ointments. Nothing helps. The most recent is Eucrisa because it is new and non steroid but it does not help. It will temporarily help the itch but not for long and does not clear up the rash. When it gets very bad, I go back to one of the several steroid creams which you can take for one week only. It will clear it up but it comes back shortly afterward. They say the sun is bad for you however it helps my eczema and summer is when my skin is the clearest.

  • Melissa G

    Dawn, do you take a daily antihistamine? What is your current eczema treatment plan? My youngest has bad eczema. She uses  twice a day. Then when she has a flare, she has two steroid creams she uses. She use to take Atarax, that helped a lot, but she had to stop taking it. 

  • Shea

    I have been making an effort to file formal complaints in medical offices especially when it comes to animals in the waiting areas. At least it is something. Ive written a few complaints to other places such as the ADA complaint line. Nothing ever pans out for me. Except that I boycott places completely that are pet-friendly and rarely go to places that aren't enforcing their service animals only policies. Money talks. And I make suee to keep mine in places I can go safely and that respond appropriately.

  • LK

    Thank you for taking the time and energy to do that Shea!  It is more than something, it is a lot!!  If no one ever spoke up, then the stores and businesses would not think twice about it.