A Smart Inhaler for Smarter Patients

Sensors that track inhaler use aim to keep asthma patients healthy, cut health care costs.

As with other prescription medications, patients sometimes forget or don’t adhere to the prescription, sometimes causing hospital visits and leading to preventable health care costs. 

Now MIT spinout Gecko Health, with its recent acquisition by Teva Pharmaceuticals, aims to boost development on its sensor that attaches to inhalers to monitor usage, with aims of keeping patients healthy and cutting health care costs.


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  • Former Member

    Intriguing.  Hopefully they can roll it out a little faster than they (all inhaler makers) did the counters on them. 

  • Kathy P

    I love the counters on inhalers! I always have a bunch in different places and never could tell when they were empty!

  • kandicejo

    Keeping track is definitely a problem for our rescue inhalers! We tend to use them only when sick so we never could remember how much/often they were used.