A Patient Centered Approach to Asthma Management; Could it help us?

Hey Fellow Ashmatics,

I just recently started reading Participatory Healthcare: A Patient Centered Approach to Health Transformation by Jan Oldernburg, which is all about the science and practice of health behavior. I highly recommend reading since it definitely hits home for people with chronic disease. It is all about moving healthcare from a "organ-centered" system to "person-centered" system. Bringing people into the care solution and helping them self-manage where they can is key to improving health outcomes.

My question to you all is, do you currently use technology in a way that helps you better manage your asthma? Would you even considering you something if it was available in the market? What should it focus on in order to help you achieve goals and improve asthma health?

I have used AsthmaMD which is a free-app to manage asthma, but I usually stop using it after a few days so it doesn't really change my behavior. 




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  • K8sMom2002

    I think consistency is a huge portion of managing any chronic condition — that and really understanding what's going on with you and your body and what the doctors are telling you. 

    It's hard for people to learn doctor-speak, and sometimes it's hard for doctors to remember how to translate things for people. So a good solid understanding of what is going on and how YOUR body is affected day in and day out, I think, could really help. 

    There are all sorts of things that can give us feedback if we would do it. For instance, I have a Fitbit — and lately it's been telling me that I'm not moving like I should. Unfortunately I'm not doing anything to change that. Ditto on tracking our calories and foods — I was doing that faithfully and then got side-tracked. I can tell I've packed on some pounds — and that's because I don't register how little exercise I'm getting or how many extra "treats" I'm indulging in. 

  • Kelli

    I would love an app that combines all of the medical research being done on asthma; such as new prevenative drugs, exercises, and insurance/price changes. If the app coulf also have a section for connecting you with people in your area that suffer with asthma or even just a quick blog ability, that would be incredible. One of the hardest things about asthma, besides constantly not being able to breath, is feeling alone in your struggle. Rather than another app that counts calories or food intake that people will download, but never use, I would love an app that conncerts me with others and research/awareness efforts.

  • K8sMom2002

    Kelli, I think that's the wonderful thing about communities like AAFA's asthma support forum … right now our community small, but we have a core group of regular members who really care about each other and have each other's back. 

    You're so right about asthma making you feel alone … nobody really gets it unless they've been there. We all taking breathing for granted, don't we?

    But with AAFA, we don't have to be alone. And YOU are not alone anymore, either!

  • K8sMom2002

    @Nick_StradosLabs how are you using technology to better monitor your asthma? How are you doing these days?