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Could I have breathing issues from using a 3d printer a few years ago? I always thought in the back of my head that was the cause. I probably used this printer for a month with a total of like 50 hours. This was like 6 years ago.

It was ABS filament which is worse!!


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  • Shea

    Honestly, I have no idea! But, I have heard of chronic exposures (sometimes chemical, or allergen, other lung irritants) leading to a development of asthma. When I imagine it in my head, I think if any body part got exposed regularly to an irritant it would be raw and exposed and then more open to getting infections or further irritation. So the steps would be stop exposing it to the suspected irritant and then treat the inflammation while also keeping the airways open so you can breathe and identifying and avoiding any other irritants while it heals. Then keeping asthma symptoms under control afterwards as it is often a chronic condition.

    It is also good to make sure it is asthma and not another lung issue which could also be caused by irritant exposure. Fir instance my grandpa developed a lung issue (not asthma but had some dimilarities to asthma symptons) after farming chickens. My mom developed bad allergies to her pet bird that resolved after rehoming the bird and treating airways and is now resolved. I developed a chronic allergic disease after chronic exposure to allergens (cat/dog dander) and it affected other organs too and is chronuc so O have a lot of things that irritate me asthma/allergies now. And I've read about people on the forum developing asthma problems after chemical exposures like pesticide sprays in apartments. So I think it could certainly be possible that alot of 3D printer use with exposure to some sort of irritant from it could be the culprit. Alot of times products will have MSDS sheets that tell about possible lung irritants and you can search for "MSDS sheets for—" online. Makes me think twice before printing– I never thought about it before (I only have a small regular printer though). Let us know if you find anything out!

  • sharkbyt3

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am 90% certain it has to be because of 3d printing. ^#*$*÷!!!

    Here is an article

  • Shea

    Oh wow– thank you for sharing! 3-D printers are now on my avoidance list!