Will a good air filtration mask help?

Hi, I'm suffering from airborne allergies. I'd like to take as few meds as possible. I heard of an air filtration mask, not a surgical mask or a painter's mask, but one that has carbon filters, is breathable, takes out 97% of pollen particles, etc. and has exhale valves so I can be active outdoors. Will this mask actually help me reduce the need for meds? Thank you!


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  • Melissa G

    Hi Jay and welcome to AAFA! 

    That sounds like a great idea, have you talked this over with your doctor? I know several members on here use masks when they are outside doing yard work 

  • Jay Hendo

    Thanks, Melissa. No, have not asked my doctor. I would assume she would say, "try it" since there is no danger in doing so. I'm REALLY wondering why "experts" such as WebMD, Prevention Magazine, etc. tell people to "stay indoors" !!  Some experts say, "get a surgical or painter's mask" but those do not have carbon filters. I've read testimonials from airborne allergy sufferers that a mask made by RZ Mask has helped them a lot, so may try that. But why don't health professionals recommend better prevention? I think they side-step some good prevention methods. I want to stay active outdoors!

  • K8sMom2002

    Welcome, Jay! @Pljohns, @Nemo88, and @Shea wear masks that are definitely beyond the "painter's mask" kind of deal. 

    I hear you about wanting to stay active. One good resource for being active with asthma is the "." 

    Another thing that has helped me and my daughter was to keep an eye on weather and pollen pattern. Could you check with to see if there's a reporting station near you?

  • Pljohns

    Jay-I have an RZ Mask and it is amazing.  I don't have outdoor allergens but am very sensitive to smells of any kind.  My mask does has carbon filters (I got the ones specifically for odors) and I can definitely say it works.  The RZ itself is really a good mask-fits good, velcro closure so you can make it fit you without a lot of things to adjust and it's washable.  I got mine on Amazon and have been well pleased with it.