What asthma and allergy friendly products are on your wishlist this year?

The holidays are a great time to ask for things we've been eyeing during the year.  Our  has some great products for your wishlist.

What are you hoping to be gifted (or gift yourself) from this list during the holiday season?


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  • Katie D

    Each holiday we like to get a gift for the home.  Last year we got a new vacuum, two years ago it was a new air purifier.  I am thinking this year it will be new pillows for everyone!  I also really want my carpets steamed cleaned professionally.  I think that is going to be something we do in the Spring when it will be easier to be out of the house for a day and the weather is warmer.

    And don't forget we have a new  too with some ideas!

  • K8sMom2002

    Oooh, Katie! What a great idea — a gift for the home! Kind of like @Shea is doing, getting her a brand new allergy-friendly home built just for her.

    All of us could do with some new pillows … and we need a new comforter. I'm thinking of buying a duvet and duvet cover, though, so that I can wash the cover with the sheets.