What antihistamine do you use?

Dh, dd1 and I have all used Zyrtec for years.  Today, dh went to the allergist for testing (long story, but he wants to get a dog and wants to have us all tested first) and the doctor suggested switching to Allegra.  Does anyone use Allegra?  I wonder what the difference is.


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  • K8sMom2002

    Our first allergist suggested a change to Allegra, but it's not safe for DD because of corn (she has a corn allergy). So we're still using Zyrtec (generic). It seems to have worked okay. 

    With Allegra, you should check with your pharmacist about taking it with fruit juices. Our pharmacist warned about that when we were trying to figure out if it were a safe option for DD. . But you could always take it with water or some other beverage and make sure you're not taking it at a time when you normally have fruit juices. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Jen, glad I could help!

    It's always good to get your pharmacist's take on meds — they should have on file everything you're taking and your medical history, plus they can talk to you about the different side effects you may see in one med versus another. 

  • mrklove

    I used to take with my asthma control. 

    In my emergency kit I have and use Benadryl (H1 blocker) and Ranitidine (H2 blocker) which is given in most emergency departments along with steroid and more epi if needed. 

    I don't have much in the way of seasonal allergies. So I can't say whether claritin or zyrtec work really.

  • Jen


    I take singulair, in addition to Zyrtec.  Things have been so well controlled the last few years, that I'm thinking of talking to my doctor about a short trial off of one of them.

  • Melissa G

    Let's see, dh, my self and our oldest take xyzal, Josh takes zyrtec and Bekah takes allegra and atarax. 

  • Marie E Natzke

    I take Allegra I've been taking it since it came out. Actually it used to be called Seldane that was the best allergy pill around. But people were having problems when they took it with an antibiotic. There were some deaths due to heart problems. So they reformulated it and came up with Allegra. I also take Montelukast. Been on it for 4 years now. Yes do not take it within 4 hours of fruit juice and any type of antacids. It makes the Allegra not work

  • Melissa G

    This allergy season is proving to be a bad one. Anyone having to switch or add new medications to help with symptoms?