Time to check in with our doc …

This spring has been kicking DD's backside with her allergy symptoms. Usually things are rocky for a few days with extra congestion and sneezing, and it responds well to the usual plan of upping her Zyrtec to two doses a day for a short while.

But this year, even with two doses, DD's continually stuffed up. Thank goodness it hasn't kicked off an asthma attack. But her eyes are itchy, her nose is itchy, her ears are itchy … our pollen levels have been super high, especially with birch and grasses, which are DD's particular worst allergies.

Since we've stuck with the plan (extra Zyrtec, faithful use of saline spray, showers at night, switching out and watching the pollen count), I think it's time I made a call to the doc. We're supposed to see her in the early summer, and that might be as soon as she wants to see her.

Things aren't really all that much worse, but they're not improving, even with the steps we're taking. 

So when do you know when it's time to call the doc?


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  • Pljohns

    cynthia-hope DD's doc can give you/tell you something that will help her out.  I hear it's going to be a bad allergy year.

  • Tiffany F.

    I am not a good person to ask, I think my pediatrician thinks I am crazy (for a while she was there for every cough) and Childrens hospital is probably tired of my calls too! LOL  gosh I dont want to know how much I've paid in copays this year

  • Pljohns

    OK-if any of you think maybe you jump the gun on going to ER's or calling doc's, you don't-and I can give you all a laugh.  When DS#2 was about 2, DH fed him and put him down for a nap while I grocery shopped.  he called me in a panic that DS' brain was melting because he had orange goo running out of his nose-he fed him cheetos at lunch and didn't wash his hands and his did what all kids do and put his fingers up his nose.  DH was putting him in the car to go to the ER when he called me.  Thank goodness he called me or the ER doc's would have laughed him out of the place.  As long as you don't think your kiddo's brain is melting, you are probably well justified in all ER/doctor visits.

  • Shea

    Lol!!! Aww man I needed that laugh PLJohns!!! Cheetos and brain melts  

    K8SMOM, I think you have it spot on for checking in– when your plan doesnt seem to be working in controlling symptoms, checking in is a good idea. I dont know if our bodies get "used to" or "tolerant" to antihistamines– but it seems like they do to everything else. I am all about the switching it up every now and again when things seem to be hitting a standstill. 

    Omg about this allergy season though. Im feeling it daily here on Florida, and Tommy too… And the weather is do nice its hard not to go out and we need exercise– so Im trying to stick to the timeframes of lower pollens and days with less. Sometimes I give him childrens benadryl at night and I take benadryl at night and it helps me– Ive always liked benadryl for whatever reason it seems to work best for me. But I really am considering one of these vapor steam things because we both hate nasal sprays and we dont shower/bathe nightly– its EVO– so I just think it is worth a shot. 

  • Pljohns

    yea, he pulled a few good  "first time Dad" things like that but I think that one was the best.

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, Lynn, I am laughing so hard! Boy, did I need that! 

    Tiffany, when my kiddo was little, I called a lot, too — but only after I didn't call and the pediatrician fussed at me. After that, I called. He never seemed to mind.

    In fact, her doctors have all told me that they'd rather hear when something isn't right than assume everything is when it's not.

    Shea, you've hit the nail on the head — when the plan isn't working anymore, that's especially when you need to call.

    I've been directed to try a nasal antihistamine that we had her on earlier – Azelastine. It's a non-steroid spray that has a pretty bitter aftertaste. She can't have the flavored one because of her food allergies. 

    She couldn't tell much difference last spring when she tried it. Still it's worth another shot since things are so bad. It's about the only thing that we have left to try since she can't use steroid nasal sprays. 

  • Melissa G

    Lynn, I nearly spit my soda out reading your post.  that is so something my dh would have done. 

    It is so hard to know when to call, when to tough it out and when to head to the ER. I wish our kids came with a barometer on their forehead to let us know what is going on

  • Pljohns

    So glad I could at least bring a smile to everyone's face with DH's craziness.  He still tells people that story and they about die laughing too.

    I remember when ours were smaller-its hard to know when to go for it or when to wait and see if they get better.  DS#2 was very prone to croup and I'll never forget us squeeling to a stop just outside the ER door and me running through them with him in my arms just as he quit breathing.  Scared me to death.  I spent the next 3 weeks sleeping on the floor in his room because our room was downstairs.  After that, we moved our room upstairs until they got bigger.  

  • Melissa G

    Lynn, the croup is definitely scary! Bekah has had croup a couple of times, and boy did that scare me. 

    There have been times I just stare at my husband in utter disbelief at things he has done with the kids. He typically responds with a "what, what did I do wrong now"  

  • LK

    Oh, my, Lynn, that would be terrifying!  So thankful your DS was okay!!

  • Pljohns

    I think most men are like that with kids-the first time I got out after DS#1 was born, I was gone like 15 min when he called in a panic-couldn't get him to quit crying and had changed his diaper, walked with him-everything EXCEPT fed him!  When I ask if he had done that he ask if I thought he should-DUH