Spring Pollen Allergies – How Can You Cope?

Spring is definitely here! And with it comes spring allergies.

Did you know that AAFA ranks the ? Are you located in one of the top 10 cities? The report looks at three important factors:

  • Pollen and mold counts
  • Allergy medicine usage
  • Availability of board-certified allergists

The good news is, you can get relief from seasonal allergies no matter where you live. If you live in a , the report can help you be aware of the issues in your area so you can learn the best ways to manage your allergies.

You can work with your allergist to develop a plan for allergy relief. Start by:

  • Finding a board-certified allergist
  • Talking to your allergist about allergy testing and long-term allergy treatments
  • Limiting your pollen exposure
  • Using  to make your home healthier
  • Planning for spring allergy season before it begins, especially if you live in a Spring Allergy Capital

What do you find most challenging about managing seasonal allergies?


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  • Deborah Bartlett

    I find the all night coughing and the afternoon wheezing difficult to manage. I have my rescue medications. I keep hydrated. I keep the windows closed. I use air purifiers. I keep calm. 😊

  • MizWheezie
    • I keep my doors and windows closed = No fresh air
    • I also have to drive with the windows rolled up = Can't enjoy the warmer temps
    • I leave my shoes in the mud room, and wash my hands to remove pollen whenever I venture outside
    • I try not to venture outside 
  • kira

    MizWheezie, how’s the pollen levels for you right now? I love your tip about washing your hands to remove pollen — such a simple thing, but I can definitely see how it would have huge pay-offs!

    And Debbie’s tip about air cleaners is a good one, too — keeping bedrooms allergy friendly is a great starting point!