severe allergy to mold

When my allergist tells me he has rarely seen a case as severe as mine, and there's nothing he can do but offer shots and medications, I knew I had to reach out here. I have moved house several times, and the main factor in the move was a mold problem in a house or townhouse that is acceptable to most people but intolerable for me, and remediation doesn't resolve the problem, because mold permeates the structures in South Florida. In the meantime, I can't move, and the nosebleeds and throbbing, congestion, headaches, dizziness, and nausea are the result of sensitization to mold over time. I am receiving allergy shots, take a cortisone spray and Montelukast, and when I become very ill, nothing is effective. I've slept in my car because any indoor environment is intolerable at that point. Is there someone out there who suffers similarly? If so, is there a particular geographical area you would recommend? Any building materials that resist mold growth? (I know they exist but I don't know which are effective). Any advice or commiseration you can offer would be greatly appreciated!


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  • K8sMom2002

    Hugs, hugs, hugs … I'm from Georgia, so I totally get how humid things can be and how mold can be a problem. 

    A few questions and suggestions:

    Could you check out the tips and suggestions on AAFA's  resource? 

    What's your indoor humidity reading? Could you think about a de-humidifier? AAFA's database of might be a good place to start looking. They're scientifically tested to meet benchmarks that may lead to a healthier indoor air quality.

    One side effect of nasal cortisone sprays is nosebleeds … could you talk with your doctor to see if you can sort out whether the nosebleed is from the spray or the overall inflammation from the mold allergy? 

    My DD has a rare bleeding disorder, and she can't take cortisone sprays because of that increase in nosebleeds.

    Mold is really, really frustrating to deal with … especially in a humid place like Florida. But you are among friends, and there are members here who have issues with mold and who live in Florida, so hopefully they will chime in!

  • Melissa G

    Hi Jo! Welcome to AAFA! 

    Cynthia has already given you some wonderful advice and recommendations. I just want to welcome you to our forums.