Sensitive to All Scents?

anyone else also sensitive to most scents?  Sometimes when I have had asthma I found out it was my detergent.  We have been using babyganics unscented for years now and thought maybe try seventh gen again – seemed a bit worse but not sure.  

Have tried tide (asthma/worst reaction), all, arm and hammer, eco, seventh gen and babyganics.

all of those of course are free and clear versions. 

Anyone find a miracle detergent?  I think I might have asked this…having some type of memory- did someone say maybe vinegar on the washing machine? For cleaners we only use vinegar and seventh gen unscenred products.  That made life much better for my migraines.  I wake up stuffy w drip  in my daughters room every day.  In sons my nose runs.

got rid of dog, really good about allergy covers, change sheets weekly, and dusting etc.  even have a house keeper to help.  


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  • Melissa G

    Hi Lisa, we have only used vinegar to clean out our washing machine, but not to actually clean our clothes. 

    Do you use  in your home?

    Do you take any medications for your allergies? Do you do any sinus rinses?

  • LK

    I have been using All Mighty Pacs Free and Clear laundry detergent for the past year or so and even though scents are a strong trigger for my asthma, this detergent does not seem to bother me.  For the dryer, I use Bounce Free and Gentle dryer sheets.  I know everyone has different things he/she is bothered but these work for me at the moment!    

  • K8sMom2002

    Scents trigger me as well … I hold my breath going down the cleaning aisle if I must go down it!

    Have you checked out thasthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program's 

    Like Lisa, I try to use unscented products as much as I can … Palmolive's pure and clear, and @Pljohns first told me about unscented dryer sheets. 

    I use a steamer mop that I've had for years to clean my floors with. Lynn (PLJohns) has shared about her nifty steamer tool that she uses to clean everything with. I like the fact that it cleans with only water — and no bucket to tote!

    For cleaning, I have used rubbing alcohol (instead of glass cleaner) and hydrogen peroxide in spray bottles. You can get bottles of both with spray nozzles now, and I just remove the spray nozzles and put it on the new bottle.

    For scrubbing the ring around the tub, if you will mix vinegar with cream of tartar, it will remove it lickety-split, even if it's been there for a while. I have an old tub (my house is very old) that is enameled cast iron, and the glaze has gotten scratched. I'd given up on cleaning it thoroughly because of my limitations around cleaning products. Then I read about the cream of tartar and the vinegar … Amazing! It also works on hard water buildup as well.

    When I can't find an unscented product that works … I have to look hard and long and try many brands, because not every scent will trigger me … and sometimes I can get more accustomed to a scent. What really bugs me is when a favorite brand that works suddenly declares, "New and improved scent!" 

  • K8sMom2002

    Just thinking … can you use Kirk's Castile Soap? It's one of the few bar soaps that I can stand. They have a recipe on their website for .

  • Shea

    Lisa 123,

    Could be a time of day thing?– mornings are tougher for me

    Could be a time of year thing?- when the heater is on for me, the dryness can get to me– I just got a humidifier to help that. But when it is humid time of year the molds and dusts and pollens get to me more, so i run the ac more and wash more.

    Something weird I heard about zippered encasements– my son's allergy doctor said the skin cells and dustmites will fall through the sheets onto the encasements and collect there– but zippered encasements are such a pain to put on and off weekly to wash– but they are good because dust mites thrive in mattresses and pillows… My solution has been to spray them weekly with this ADMS anti-allergen spray then wipe them and let them air dry while the sheets wash. Their website is here, although I get mine through– It can get expensive so I dont use the laundry one, I just use the spray for the mattress encasements and the couch. I also wash them occasionally in hot water just not every week… More like bimonthly.

  • Lisa123

    @Melissa I tried a netty pot once and my ears got all full of water but I take Zyrtec sometimes.  Nasonex worked the best but insurance wont cover it now.  Worked really well.  I am still nursing also so I try to not take medicine.  We have air cleaners in my sons room and master but now that you mention it – I sleep in the littlest ones room and there isn’t one in here.  Will move one in here.  We have an extra sitting in the living room unplugged. Funny I didn’t think iof that on my own?  Thnx!

    @k8smom2002 Cynthia lol!  I hold my breath too!  I’ll check into that soap.  Thanks!  And the other tips like cream of tartar.  I used to have a steamer…after I got married …I’ll have to find out why we don’t use them.  I know he came w one too ;/)  great idea.  Maybe because we have been doing vinegar?  Wonder if that bugs us.  


    @LK thbx! Never heard of that brand.  I’ll check it out.  Thinking too maybe I can make my own like Cynthia mentioned w the bar or maybe baking soda?  I washed my sons stuff the other day in just hot water 4 times and his nose had some improvement. 


    @Sheashea do you use the vinyl ones or the ones that have some terry like covering on them?  I have that spray too!  Used it on the stuffed animals but haven’t…feel better hearing you do.  I haven’t washed his allergy mattress cover in a long time!  Thanks for pointing that out.  I used to all the time because he wet the bed but now he doesn’t- that timing correlates a bit w more allergies I think.

    for me the morning in bed is worst 


  • yahoogirl88

    Im new here, please pardon the long wind….I have sent sensitivity. I avoid laundry isle as well as candles, perfumes, anything scented(exception…spices isle…thoes I can use most of with little/no problem). In winter I put anything possible in a plastic bag and outdoors it goes in these fridged temps to kill dustmites. Then wash in tub of hot water. No chemicals. I do use zipper covers on mattress. But here's the bag thing again, I go to the mattress store and get a plastic bag to put over mattress. Partially close it around the hose to my vacuum, and let the vacuum take all air out several times. Seems to work well. I have a hymilayan salt lamp next to my bed (it's on 24/7 for air purity at night)  For laundry I have been thinking on a device that puts an ion charge To the water, becouse even the free and clear detergents bother. If anyone has tried, please mention. To wash surfaces I use steam. If I find I need scrubbing power I mix baking soda with a smidge of water for a paste. I can't use alcohol, or vinegar. Both trigger athsma. I now share ventilation with downstairs family, she cleans with fabuloso. That triggers to exasperation. Any suggestions to filter air at the registers? I currently use an orek air cleaner and two filter queen defenders(doesn't seem to help). We have 500 sqft and four registers. Probly doesn't help it's consistently over 80°f up here, summer or winter. Hope someone finds a new idea in my sharing. Safe breathing!


  • Pljohns

    YahooGirl88-welcome  We're glad you found us but sorry you had a reason to.  I too share your problem with scents-I clean with steam too and have to avoid all of the same ones you do plus a few others.    Thankfully the free and clear washing powders don't bother me BUT I'm lucky that my kids do the laundry for me so I really am not around it much at all.  I've never used and ion particle machine for the water so I"m not much help there.

    As for smell from downstairs, that's a really tough one.  Does your neighbor know what the scent does to you?  Some neighbors don't care but some try to be accommodating.  It sounds like you are doing an amazing job taking care of it as best you can.  Others here may have more suggestions on how to deal with that.

    You will find an amazing group of people here with a wide variety of experience and ideas but most of all, amazing support from people that understand what it's like to live like we do.  Welcome!

  • K8sMom2002

    Welcome, YahooGirl88! 

    You'd asked about a device that ionizes water. Do you know if that device creates ozone? 

    Here's what :

    Ozone triggers asthma because it is very irritating to the lungs and airways. It is well known that ozone concentration is directly related to asthma attacks. It has also caused the need for more doses of asthma drugs and emergency treatment for asthma. Ozone can reduce lung function. Ozone can make it more difficult for you to breathe deeply.

    They have great tips for improving indoor air quality as well and suggest this:

    Install  (do not use air cleaners that emit ozone)

    Since you said you didn't think your current air purifiers were helping, it sounds like you may be looking for new ones. Could you start your search by looking at ?

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, and thank you for reminding me about using baking soda for a scrubbing powder! I do that a lot as well, and it really helps! 

  • LK

    I finally remembered that about baking soda just the other day and it did wonders for my kitchen sink!  

  • Lisa123

    @LK LOL I just googled “all mighty packs”

    😉 I thought that wa a new brand ;-) 

    i have ALL at the house and used to use it.  I’m not sure as I seem to be very very forgetful last few years – but I think I keep not using it and had switched because it was bothering me.  Used it for many years though after a great sale. 

  • LK
    Lisa123 posted:

    @LK LOL I just googled “all mighty packs”

    😉 I thought that wa a new brand ;-) 

    i have ALL at the house and used to use it.  I’m not sure as I seem to be very very forgetful last few years – but I think I keep not using it and had switched because it was bothering me.  Used it for many years though after a great sale. 

      Made me smile!  Good to keep a sense of humor through everything life throws at us!  We Lisa's have to stick together!  

  • yahoogirl88

    So glad to see support! (That's rare). The ion thing for water is to wash the clothes, a way of getting fabric free of foreign particles. Just not sure how well it actually works. Don't remember it creating an ozone. My mom had an air cleaner that created an ozone…i stopped visiting till it was The air cleaners do clean the air, just neighbors overpower every effort with overuse of chemicals. We are truely in a day where the majority believe a chemical smell is clean. Case and point when I was able to break language barrier, I was told she's only cleaning and seemes to clean more since. My inquiry is realy directed twards the register covers. I see them advertised as well as saw them purchased recently in farm and fleet. In asking, more wondering if the covers/filters may only be a large particle obstruction. I'm looking for small particle help. But it may be out of reach. 

  • Melissa G

    Welcome to AAFA Yahoogirl88!  That is a very frustrating situation to be in. My dad is big into "cleaners", he thinks if it has a strong smell it cleans better. 

  • yahoogirl88

    Lol, so was my Dad. Even home on a concentrator. I just don't get it…but I'll keep eyes peeled for improvements and maybe consider moving? To another state with better air!!!!(pipe dream) and thanks for the welcome. This is a first forum also😁

    Melissa G posted:

    Welcome to AAFA Yahoogirl88!  That is a very frustrating situation to be in. My dad is big into "cleaners", he thinks if it has a strong smell it cleans better. 


  • Shea

    Lisa123, I use the zippered covers that are waterproof too… the top part of them has a slightly different material– I know they advertised for allergy but sm not sure ehat they are made of. I did recently get an easy off mattress protector to go on top of it between the sheets and the zipper cover, so the skin cells that fall through sheets dont just collect on the zippered cover like the allergy doctor said they did. And then I wash the sheets and that cover and have a washable comforter all in hot water weekly, and spray and wipe the zippered mattress cover, letting it air dry as the other things are washed and dried. 

    Yahoogirl, welcome to the forum! I tell ya, I had no idea about how much  chemicals and perfumes can irritate the lungs until getting asthma myself. Now I know more about checking online MSDS sheets and avoidung certain things.

    I use Seventh Generation products a lot and free and clear/ fragrance-free stuff.

    I cant use scented candles, and avoid candles in general (except beeswax ones).

    I use MOSO bamboo charcoal bags to absorb odors, and HEPA air purifiers… Luckily my home is pretty air tight so scents from outside typically dont get in if I have the windows closed. It is an energy-star rated new manufactured home. In my old rental all sorts of smells and heat would get in, and that is tough– but MOSO bamboo bags might help absorb some of that. 

  • Gurmit Gill

    Env Senstivity Disorder.

    Getting allergy Test ( skin and blood),Ig E, Eosinophil count, any dermatographism ? 

    antihistamine, montelukast

    allergy diet, go organic for 3 mo. 


    avoid strong perfumes. Light one ok.