Recommendation for allergy filter

Hi, Its been a month that I joined this community. Recently I asked about some houseplants that can help remove mold. Expert here told me these houseplants cannot solve my problem.

I am very disturbed due to the allergy that is on my back since I have shifted my hostel. My friend suggested me to use air purifier. Now I have decided to buy this air purifier. I want your recommendation. Shall I invest my pocket money on this device? Is there any other solution available? Would appreciate your feedback a lot. Thanks  


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  • LK

    Hi Sarah!    

    My thought would be to see what can be done to remove the mold itself or move to a different place if possible that doesn't have any mold.  If there is mold in a dwelling, then a plant will not get rid of the mold.  

    Air purifiers clean the air but any mold in a building would still be there and therefore pose a continuous health problem.

    Have you seen your doctor about your back?  What does he or she say it is from?  

    Please let us know what you find out!

  • Melissa G

    Hi Sarah! I would definitely look into getting the mold removed.

    Have you heard about the  Here are some  and