Recommend allergist/immunologist?

I've struggled with rhinitis – difficult to typify, though triggered by a range of foods and cardio exercise – for years. I've tried most standard medical treatments, and had two surgeries, without much relief. I'd like to try a biologic (Xolair, Dupilumab, etc). I'm aware they're currently not indicated – though being researched – but know that some docs use them off-label.

I'd also like to find a practitioner with AIT (SLIT, SCIT) experience. If anyone can recommend a doc experienced in using either/both, please PM me. I'm in the Greater Philly area, but willing to travel.



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  • Jen

    Hi @XaNd0r7, 

    Sorry that you're not getting relief with what's been tried thus far.  What types of doctors have you seen already for your issues?

  • K8sMom2002

    This has to be extremely frustrating!

    A great way to find allergists in your area would be to use the   or . You can search by zip code, then compare those in your area to your insurance network.

    My allergist told me before he tested me for environmental allergies that there is something called vasomotor rhinitis — I think the preferred term now is non-allergic rhinitis. He said it was frustrating to treat because, as you described, the triggers are varied.

    You mention SLIT. Have you been tested for environmental allergens? What allergens tend to trigger your rhinitis?

    I know you say it's hard to typify the causes, but could you keep a trigger diary to see what things typically set you off? Sometimes the patterns will pop up only after an extended time of keeping a diary. That's how it was with us and our DD's rare illness that seemed all over the place.

    I know you don't have asthma, but AAFA's may help you. 

  • XaNd0r7

    Thanks guys. I'm pretty aware what my triggers are - all foods – but skin prick tests are negative. This may mean it's non-IgE mediated, or non-atopic. I've seen several allergist-immunologists, several of whom I consider rather well-versed. It's just so far these particular ones, following guidelines, are unwilling to try a biologic – these seem to be used off-label or in studies.