Quercetin-bromelain inquiry

Peace to all! 

I had developed an allergy when I was in my thirties, I honestly don't know how I got it. No watery eyes nor frequent sneezes, just red spots on the skin and itching. The doctor recommended cetirizine, a second- generation antihistamine; I've been taking it for years (5 mg), and thank God, I haven't experienced any side effects so far. However, I'm on bar review so I want to do away with this medication for good.

   Yesterday, I had taken Quercetin-bromelain (500mg Quercetin, 156 mg bromelain) since I learned it's effective against allergies. When I took the second capsule, I experienced a little itching, but it went away after an hour. I then decided to still take cetirizine, now just one-fourth (2.5 mg) of it. 

  Anybody here who is also taking Quercetin-bromelain? Can you please share your experiences? I learned online that it's not advisable to take Quercetin for long-term use. Anyone here who can recommend the best anti-allergy supplement which can be used for a long time? Thank you.



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  • Melissa G

    Hi and Welcome to AAFA!  So glad that you found us!

    I have never taken it. Have you check in with your allergist about taking it? We have taken zyrtec, allegra and xyzal without any bad side effects. I would consult with your doctor about what is best for you. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, Stonefish! Good luck on your upcoming bar exam!

    How was the Zyrtec interfering in your studying for the bar? Could you talk to your doc or your pharmacist about how it was affecting you and see if you couldn't figure out a better "fit?" Also, sometimes, you can tweak the meds — when you take them or the dose — and it can help.

    As for "natural" supplements, a few thoughts …

    • Just because something is "natural" doesn't mean it is safe. A friend once pointed this out to me: "Hemlock is 100% natural … and 100% deadly."
    • Natural supplements can have side effects and drug interactions, so talk with your doctor and pharmacist about whether any supplement is right for you. 

    If you're interested in a complementary approach, AAFA has a great series of blog posts about complementary medicine. The first one is 

    And several of our members have worked with their docs to incorporate supplements in their medical care, so it CAN be done!

  • stonefish8888

    Hi Melissa, thanks for your concern

    I am not taking quercetin-bromelain anymore since I experienced some side effects while taking it, although it was very effective in combatting my allergy. I had taken it for about two weeks only, but I noticed that even after I stopped taking it, it had effectively lessened the intensity of my allergy. 

     I am taking another supplement (mangosteen capsules) which does not give me any side effects at all. It also combats allergies. Along with it, I take Vitamin C tablets daily, and Im only taking 2.5 mg of cetirizine now (I used to take 5 mg for years).

    I am hoping that I could fully restore the normal functioning of my immune system through the help of supplements, vitamins, and a balanced diet.


  • Melissa G

    Yikes on the side effects but glad to hear that you found something that is working for you! 

  • MizWheezie

    I have year-round allergies and asthma, Plus, I've been battling a sinus infection for 3 weeks now – Took a couple rounds of Z-Packs, but still having sinus "issues" – (pun intended) 

    A friend recommended I try Quercetin, so I'm gonna give it a shot for a week or so to see if it helps – She swears by it, but everyone's metabolism is different, right? – So we shall see…

    I'll get back to you and let you know how and/or if it helps. 

  • K8sMom2002

    MzWheezie, hugs on the sinus "issues" that call for lots of tissues! 

    Could you talk to your doc or your pharmacist before you start so that you can be on the lookout for any issues?

    What other things help you when you're experiencing problems like this?

  • Melissa G

    Oh my MizWheezie! You have to be feeling miserable! I agree with Cynthia, have you checked in with your dr? Do you do sinus rinses to help clean out the sinuses?

  • MizWheezie

    I tried Flonase, but the side effects were dizziness, nose bleeds and a tremendous loss of my sense of smell – Tried all of the various sinus rinses, but none of them made a noticeable difference. 

  • MizWheezie

    Well, I tried the Quercetin-bromelain tablets for 15 days, and didn't notice any difference at all. 

    Perhaps I didn't give it long enough to "kick in," but I'm extremely averse to taking meds as it is – So, I may not be the best judge of it - 

    Just wanted to report back, since I said I would.