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Hi, I live in Grand Rapids, MI and today I see a lot of pollen today coming down like snow and I was cutting the grass today and I don't think I have a pollen allergy, (or at least my doctor never fully/officially said I had a pollen allergy, anyway), but when I cut half of my backyard today, (because my backyard is a fairly big backyard), all of a sudden I sneezed 5-6 times in a row and I got a runny nose because of the 5-6 sneezes and when I went inside the house to get a Kleenex to blow my nose a lot of mucus came out of my nose because of the 5-6 times I sneezed so I was wondering, (because again I don't think I have a pollen allergy, or at least my doctor never fully/officially said I had a pollen allergy, anyway), if I should wait to finish cutting the grass tomorrow, or not, so what is the pollen/air quality for tomorrow, (Sunday), because I am having a hard time looking on the internet for the pollen/air quality forecast?


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  • Jen

    Hi @Kendall231,

    Welcome to AAFA's allergy support forums.  It can be frustrating to be outside and experience allergy symptoms.  Have you been tested by an allergist?  That can help you know what allergies you may have and how to handle them.

    In the meantime, you need to get your lawn done, so you may want to check out  to  help you figure out if tomorrow will work for you or not.

    We also have a blog post with .

  • Jen

    We also have a current thread on our asthma forums about .  There may be some ideas in there.

  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, @Kendall231, and welcome! Jen's given you a great link with the  site. It actually tells you WHAT's blooming, so you can keep a log of your allergy symptoms and note what's blooming that day in your area. I'd share that with your doctor and see what your doctor suggests.

    If your symptoms continue, it's definitely worth checking in with your doctor.

    That's a bummer on the pollen falling like snow! One thing that to remember is that pollen comes in as many shapes and sizes and types as flowers, grasses, weeds and trees — so you may be allergic to SOME pollen but not all pollen. And the pollen that you can see may not be the pollen that's causing you trouble. 

    For instance — lots of folks in the south blame goldenrod for their fall hay fever symptoms, but our allergist says that ragweed, a less colorful plant, is usually to blame for fall allergy symptoms down here.

    And plants and grasses bloom at different times of the year. So for you, it may be just a few days or weeks of misery to get through. 

    Also, in Georgia, we have a tall invasive grass called bahia grass that has invaded lawns everywhere after the state highway department used it in the 70s to seed medians and shoulders — here's a distant view.

    And here's a close-up from NC State:

    The grass will shoot up tall blades with these seeds if you let it go too long between trimmings. My DD is severely allergic to bahia grass, but one thing we've found is that if we don't let it sprout up and go to seed, she does better.

  • Kathy P

    Welcome Kendall – how did you do over the weekend? Did you finish cutting the grass?

    Have you ever had allergy testing to see what specific things you might be allergic to? There are – blood testing and skin testing are the most common.

    For years, I had symptoms of seasonal allergies, but didn't test positive to outdoor allergens (just dust which year round). My allergist treated my symptoms (sneezing, congestion) regardless of cause. Eventually, I did start testing positive to lots of outdoor/environmental allergens, so things can change over time too.

  • K8sMom2002

    @Kendall231, I thought about you when my DH said it was time to cut our grass again. We've had so much rain that he has to take advantage of any dry spell. Did you get your grass cut? Have you had any more issues?

  • Jen

    @Kendall231 How did you do with pollen over the summer?  Anymore issues while cutting grass?