Passing out immediately after allergy testing???

My 3 year old son got tested (skin prick) last week for food allergies and it showed he's allergic to almost every nut and eggs. Immediately after the test he became a zombie. This was before the doctor was even finished talking to me and we got out of there. Eyes rolling back in his head.. he slept for hours after that. He almost never takes a nap. The only other time he takes a nap is when he comes back from his dad's. He'll occasionally act the same way then. Pass out. Dead to the world. 


Of course the doctor and nurse that day tried to brush it off like it was no biggie and said it's normal for a toddler to take an afternoon nap. But I know my son. And he doesn't nap. He's wide open from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed at night normally. 

So. My question is, is fatigue, sleepiness, becoming a zombie a side effect to allergy testing and they just failed to be honest with me or do certain foods do that if you have an allergy??   Has anyone had any experience with this?


Also he was tested for environmental stuff yesterday. He tested positive for mold and dog. But other than being upset, he was a champ. Stayed awake all day. He went to sleep around 9 last night. Just like normal. No sleepiness. So it has to be the food. Eggs or Nuts. Help??


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  • My Zy

    I have never known am an allergy test to make a child feel fatigued or sleepy. I know it may be uncomfortable because of the itching.  

  • K8sMom2002

    Stacy89, that had to be scary!

    Do you know if they gave your kiddo any antihistamine after the test? Sometimes allergists will give Benadryl by mouth or some other antihistamine to help with the itching, and that can make a kiddo sleepy.

    Did they happen to check his blood pressure? 

    I can understand your concern. Like My Zy said, neither my own kiddo or I have been sleepy or drowsy after a skin prick test. It's uncomfortable and itchy, so for me, sleep was the LAST thing on my mind. 

    However, other members may have different experiences. Could you circle back and talk with your doctor? Sometimes a second conversation will help.

    What sort of reactions have you seen when your kiddo has had nuts or eggs in the past?

  • Anne P

    IME, my kids & I have never been fatigued or sleepy after skin testing.  

    Did he have a virus that may have made him sleepy?  Have you followed up with the doctor about your concerns?

    What is the plan for the food allergy results?  Are you eliminating those foods and possibly challenging them down the road?  Has he had reactions to those foods?



  • Shea

    I have had severe fatigue after an allergy test before.

    I have a rare chronic allergic disease called churg-strauss syndrome and the skin allergy test was just to identify some environmentals (although I do have allergies to foods as well).

    I did tell my immunologust about the fatigue– he told me I am not a candidate for allergy shots (where they inject a small amount over time in hope to build a tolerance)– Im not sure if he said that due to my reaction to the skin prick test or just because I do have big allergic reactions to lots of things and they affect my more severe disease because the allergic blood cells actually enter my heart and lungs in a chronic sort of way due to my disease. 

    I have read that fatigue can be a side effect of the skin prick tests: 

    I have also read that if you have had anaphlaxis to the food before, you might not be recommended to do the skin test because you might react to it severely. Also you might want to be evaluated closer and for longer after the shot because the test is for immeduate reactions, and some allergic reactions are delayed (those are often identifued by patch tests that you wear all day to identify allergic reactions can be delayed or develop over time).

    In any case, I think it it is good to keep an eye on blood pressure (like if it has a severe drop), and just have emergency medications on hand and read up on all the signs of anaphlaxis– mental confusion, fatigue type stuff is on the list of allergic reactions.



  • K8sMom2002

    Shea has a good point about being familiar with how to recognize anaphylaxis. Kids with Food Allergies, the food allergy division of Asthma and Allergy Foundation, has a great resource called