Nasal congestion and cough – am I allergic?

I’ve been suffering for the last year with nasal congestion and coughing, sore throat. My doctor wanted to make sure it wasn’t my Cpap machine or acid reflux .. So tomorrow I’m having a allergy test. I’m 73 years old and never had allergies or sinus problems before. This is a terrible thing to deal with the coughing, itchy throat , coughing up mucus if It’s determine I have allergies I think this site will help me


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  • Help

    It sounds like you have had a tough year. What sort of allergy testing are you having done? Skin prick or a blood test?

  • miri

    My doctor said they don’t prick your skin they just run something up and down your arm.. I had a CT scan of my sinuses but it did not show anything. Yes it has been a long year dealing with this. I’ve had steroids 3 different times and severe antibiotic along with nasal sprays, inhalers and using a neti pot.

  • kira

    What are you currently doing to treat your allergies? Are you using a daily antihistamine?

  • Matthew

    Yes I’ve been taking antihistamine daily but they don’t help with the post nasal drip or congestion

  • Aaliyah

    You’ll find many friendly people here! Keep us posted on how you make out….there may be people here going through the same thing. Hope your day is a good one!

  • Help

    When you say you’ve tried nasal sprays, do you mean nasal sprays like Flonase? Medications like Flonase aren’t like nasal spray decongestants that you can only use short time. Flonase and similar medications can be used long-term.

    Antihistamines that you take by mouth can be super effective on itching and other allergy symptoms, but for nasal congestion and post nasal drip, some folks find that they don’t help as much. Could you talk to your doctor about whether a nasal spray like that is right for you?

    Some folks can’t use nasal sprays — people with bleeding disorders or people who are prone to nosebleeds, for instance. But it might be worth a talk with your doctor to see if a different type of med can work for you.

    Good luck on your test today!

  • Matthew

    Well my test shows I’m allergy to Mold, Dust Mites, Cat, Dogs, feathers , Trees, Grass among others. He suggested the shots which I would have to give myself every other day for 1 year with a 85% chance they will work .. So I decided to skip the shots and try allergy medication and try to remove these things from my home along with getting an air cleaner.

  • kira

    Gotcha. I have heard of them being given twice a week but not every other day.