Moving Down South

I livd in Western New York most of my life.  Mt Asthma, colds and sinus infections started in November and lasted through May.  I thought moving to Florida would get me out of the cold and help my overall health.  Unforunately Florida is worse for Asthma patients because there is constant growing seasons down here.  The growing seasons never end.  I am now suffering year round.  I am on Shots, Breo inhaler and other meds with little help.



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  • Pljohns

    Peter-so sorry your move made things worse. I live in AL and yes, it's year around here as well.

  • K8sMom2002

    Yikes, Peter — so frustrating to have gone to the trouble and expense of moving so far, only to have your asthma flare worse in the new location.

    I'm from Georgia myself, so I know about extended growing seasons. We haven't had our first hard frost yet, so ragweed and goldenrod and other fall pollens are still going strong. By mid to late March, the weather is warm enough for some of the spring pollens to bloom out.

    The further south you go in Florida, the longer the growing season, even compared to Georgia. I remember taking a trip to Orlando in early or mid May one year, and was shocked that all the flowering shrubs were already in full bloom at least two to three weeks earlier than they would be in my part of Georgia.

    What things are you allergic to? What other things has your doctor suggested? Anything about indoor air quality?

    AAFA has a great blog post called  … really helpful tips!

  • Melissa G

    Welcome to AAFA Peter! 

    Oh my on your allergies being worse in Florida! What does your dr say about your symptoms? What other meds are you taking?

  • Shea

    I am in Florida too. I have been focused on good indoor air quality mostly  (since you can't control the outside very well but you can keep your home air in good shape). 

    I thought about moving for severe allergies and asthma relief but my family support here and my financial situation, plus the unpredictability of moving– a person can get allergic to the new local pollen and molds or be bothered  y the smog– I decided to stay here.