Most Accurate Pollen Count Website

I have checked a number of popular websites and the pollen count forecasts seem to be all over the map and no two sites agree. Does anyone have any information or insight on which website(s) might have the most accurate information? Especially for the Southwestern USA. 


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  • Melissa G

    Hi Elric!

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    I have only used to check on the pollen activity in our area. 

  • Melanie Carver


    The most accurate is from the National Allergy Bureau from American Academy of Allergy Asthma Immunology (AAAAI). These are allergists who do actual pollen counts. The limitations are that they don't have counting stations everywhere. You can access the pollen counts at

    The other pollen tracking services available by other companies may not even be doing true pollen counts,  but forecasts (educated guesses). But they may cover areas not covered by the AAAAI. Just keep in mind those are forecasts and actual conditions may be different.