Is this an allergy? What kind of allergy?


Apology for the gross photos.

This is one of my friend skin condition. I'm seeking answer and opinion about this. He consulted an allergist and dermatologist but cannot distinguish what kind of allergy. He also done Fx5, Phadiatop and Total IgE to knew if he has an allergy in foods and air, but the result is negative. The allergist give him Gastro Flora and fish oil vitamins to boost his immune system only. 

It appears twice or thrice a week just like in photo number 1. But sometimes it will cover of all his legs just like in photo number 2, 3 and 4. Sometimes appears also in his stomach and hands.

As of the moment his taking the vitamins but its keep showing again. His looking also for another allergist  that can define what type of allergy it is and hoping for a good recommendation about it.

I'm writing this because i want know if someone here experience or knew about this and can give me some information that might can help my friend.

Thank you.






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  • Shea

    Hi Glenkirby, 

    I am not a doctor– so it is tough to say! 

    I have a rare chronic allergic disease called churg- strauss syndrome that involves the skin, lungs, heart, blood vessels, etc. So just from experience, my allergic triggers are animal dander (cat and dog dander even the amounts carried on clothing and shoes can trigger asthma atracks and contact breaks me out in rash) and molds, and my CBC blood tests had showed high levels of a bloid cell called eosinophils which cause allergic inflammation. Once a blood test did not pick up my allergens but a skin prick test did, so I prefer those over blood allergy tests. The rash in tbe pics looks like some of the ones I have seen for churg-strauss syndrome but probably because both involve allergy– bc it is a very rare disease.

    Are any other organ system involved or is it just skin? Has he started any new medications recently and allergies can cone at any time to things you used to be OK with, so just letting your allergist know your meds may help him test.

    Has he tried making an allergy journal? Any time you can try to nake correlations between what you eat, what lotion you use, the weather, supplements you take, places you go– can be helpful.

    I also have alot of food allergies but they involve not just skin but I will typically vomit, get hives, itchiness in mouth and tbroat, and in many cases have anaphlaxis– my food allergies are all nuts, apples, grapes, peaches, pears, plums– and I had no food allergies before the age of 13. 

    Does the doctor give him anything to make it go away– benadryl or prednisone?

    I have heard allergy is a result of an overactive immune system so usually doctors don't want your immune system to be stronger but will give you immunosuppressants.

    Finding the right allergists and/or immunologist will be helpful.



  • Melissa G

    Hi Glen, Welcome to the AAFA forums!

    That has to be incredibly frustrating for your friend! As Shea mentioned we are not medical professionals and cannot give medical advice. 

    Do you know if was mentioned?

    Please pass our forum information on to your friend, so your friend can join our community and get the support that they need. 

  • Marie E Natzke

    Many years ago I heard about this story. A man kept breaking out in a rash Drs couldn't figure out what it was or the cause. Every Monday morning he would have a rash on his hands face etc as  the week went on it would go away. But every Monday it would come back. So his Dr put him in the hospital to watch what he ate etc…nothing happened… that Monday he was ok. So the Dr sent him home. The following Monday the rash was back….long story short.   On Sunday he would read the Sunday paper like he did every morning. But what they didn't know but found out later that the Sunday paper was printed by a different printer and used a different ink. So it was the ink he was allergic to. So he bought a different Sunday paper Monday no rash!!

    so what I'm trying to say here is check what your using on your skin. Do you use it every day? Do you use certain things on certain days of the week? do you wear a uniform that is cleaned by a uniform service? I know people who break out in rashes from the soaps they use to clean everyone's clothes. Do you eat certain foods on a regular basis?


    hope he feels better soon!!

  • glenkirby


    It is only in the skin. During the blood examination it was found out that his eosinophils is low and the white blood cell is little high by 2 or 3 points. He also take an anti allergen medicine, still keep showing up and he stop taking the medicine.

    Before, we suspect the foods he takes but during the food test it was found out negative. As of the moment he take the immune booster vitamins that was advise by the allergist he consult lately. 

    He also start making journal in his day to day doings, food he takes and etc. that may contribute the rashes comes out.

    We still looking the best allergist that can give him best answers.

    Thank you very much.

    @Melissa G

    I already informed him to sign up here.

    Thank you.

    @Marie E Natzke

    Thank you for the insight. He start doing journals so that he can track the possible things, foods, weather condition that me cause rashes or allergies.

    Thank you all, i'll keep posting here for the update.

  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, GlenKirby! I hope your friend can find some answers! Journaling is great advice!

    You mentioned that he's done allergy testing for foods … here are a couple of great resources on food allergy testing:

    And there's a great a video about …

  • Shea

    My only other guesses are laundry detergent (try a type that is fragrance-free and made for sensitive skin–if you haven't already), do not use any fragrance sprays like lysol, and also has there been any sprayings for pests or bugs in his apartment building or home or work lately or any other chemical irritant or product he has started to be around, or any possibility of mold?