Is there an inhaler for allergic rhinitis?

To keep all the mucus from causing sinus infections and triggering my asthma? Maybe the nasal sprays could work? Or could spriva help to keep the mucus down?


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  • miri

    Great question, maybe you could ask your doc about ipratropium nasal spray. I’m on spiriva (though at the higher copd 5 dose) and love it. It helps dry up the gurgly mucus associated with attacks. The other thing you could ask your doc about is if it’s ok to occasionally use a nasal decongestant like Sudafed to dry things up when the rhinitis is in full swing.

  • Aaliyah

    When pollen allergy season spikes, I do better when I add in nasal sprays and do sinus rinses. At times I also have to add in a decongestant like Mucinex D Max strength.

  • kira

    I used over the counter decongestants and don’t do well without them now. The issue though is that I seem to be have continuous post nasal drip now-a-days. I think all this inflammation is somehow connected. I am on 15 mg pred 4th day today and still a lil flared. I do have atrovent prescribed but don’t use it coz it’s coupled with my levabuterol. Doc asked me to use it only for emergencies.

    Im starting to feel more of a problem with my sinuses than my lungs because of allergies. Although my lungs are also acting up.

    Oh I didn’t know there was a nasal spray atrovent. Thanks. Does it do the same thing as Flovent?

  • miri

    I have a lot if mucus and sinus issues. It’s critical for me to keep things as clear as I can.

    Nasal spray – the steroid ones Flonase – these help stop the reaction locally. These have to be used consistently to provide relief.

    Be careful of using decongestant nasal spray for too many days in a row. It can cause rebound problems.

    There us a prescription iprotroprium nasal spray (med similar to Spiriva). I find it helps with the drip. Might be worth discussing with your doc.

    Nasal rinse – have you tried these? They can be challenging to get the right position so the saline flows through. My doc has me add budesonide to my saline solution. It replaces the Flonase. There is also aerosol saline that works well too.

  • Aaliyah

    I think for the decongestant sprays she may be talking about things like afrin. Those sprays can only be used for about 3 days then you need a break to prevent rebound congestion.

  • Matthew

    You’d asked about Flonase … Flonase isn’t a decongestant. It belongs to the steroid group of drugs — a much lower dose of steroids than oral steroids.

    What sort of decongestant have you been using? If it’s spray decongestants like Afrin, and you’ve been using it for several days or weeks, then you may have wound up with rebound issues. The only way to stop that is to go cold turkey — and the first week can be rough.

    Oral decongestants (Sudafed) don’t cause the same effect, but always follow the package directions and talk to your doc.

    Love the other advice that you’ve gotten about managing the congestion and post nasal drip! What do you think may help that you haven’t tried?

  • kira

    I was prescribed flonase+azelastine. While it helps when I spray them. They also seem to cause issues with nasal congestion. I was asked to use them only in emergency situations for rhinitis. My issue is that I seem to get inflammation in the nnasal lining now-a-days with no allergic rhinitis. Well maybe I’ll discuss that with the doc too.