Is anyone dealing with seasonal/fall allergies now?

My whole house seems to be dealing with sneezing,sniffling and stuffiness right now.  Most of us have added Flonase to our medication regimen to help. I am also using a sinus rinse.  Any other suggestions?


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  • Kathy P

    Welcome @Hunter! Sorry to hear you allergies are worse this year. My fall allergies have suddenly kicked into high gear!  I'm assuming it's the weeds.

    Do you try to avoid your allergens or mainly treat the symptoms? I do a combination of both. 

  • Jen

    Hi hunter, 

    Welcome.  Yes!  This year does seem to be worse.  I have always had more issues in the fall, but my husband and kids are both getting hit with it this fall, too.  What do you do to try to manage your allergies?

  • K8sMom2002

    Welcome, Hunter! Bummer on your allergies being worse this year. Any ideas on what you think caused it to be worse?

    This year, the fall season wound up following in the wake of Irma for us, and it's really sent me for a loop. Weather seems to really kick my asthma and allergies into high gear.

    AAFA has a great blog post about how .

  • Hunter

    I never had breathing problems until this year the mold and weeds seem to be really high this year.  Because of the unusual warm Temps here ppl are still cutting grass as well.  I think all this and the hurricanes could be making are weather and environment here different in Michigan. 

  • RedCoog

    Im new to asthma but have had allergies to dust/dander most of my life!

    this is the first fall I will experience with a recent asthma diagnosis.

    Can any one share some experience and tips for dealing with Fall allergies? We are in Texas so we really don't get winters lol!  

  • RedCoog
    Jen posted:

    @RedCoog Does your doctor have you take any allergy meds?

    Not really prescribed per say, but he recommended Flonase as needed. As I'm not 100%, I've been using a spray per nostril each day! 

  • Jen

    Dh, my dd's and I have all used Flonase as needed.  It's a good add on to our regular allergy meds.