Is any one allergic to candida?

I do not have asthma.  But I do have sinus drainage and cough.  Years ago, 1994,  I was allergic (IGE) to all molds including candida and wheat.  Severe coughing at that time  Now I still have a small amount of coughing on a daily basis, some days worse than others, but no severe attacks. It gets worse when I eat wheat (but no IGE to wheat in my last testing 2018),    But I want to get rid of the cough.  Just wondering if anyone else reacts to candida or wheat?   And how you are dealing with it.  


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  • Kathy P

    Welcome Marla. I have a mold allergy and right now it's going crazy because it's the rainy season here in CA. I get allergy shots for the mold and that helps a bit. Has your allergist talked about shots as an option?

  • Marla

    Thanks for response.  At this time, Skin testing and blood testing shows that I have NO allergies (IGE) to mold .. including candida.  So shots are not recommended.  Years ago the tests showed allergies to all molds and candida. (years 2002 and 2006)   But one thing is just now when they did the allergy blood tests it showed my IGA and IGM are high … way over the limit.  And IGG was at the top of allowance.  At this moment I am not sure what this means.  The medical doctors do not really believe that candida can be an issue … yeast overgrowth in your system.  Candia yeast overgrowth is being studied and in its infancy.  So the doctors do not really know.  But from what I read .. IGA means you have an overgrowth in your gut,   (This all started in 1994 with a sinus infection..  Tons and tons of antibiotics and steroids.  Inhalers and pills.   Severe coughing for hours at a time.  Trips to the ER.   FOR YEARS … 1994 to 2002.)  Now I have a cough (mild) that is present with me every day .. and some light sinus drainage.  I have made it my mission to get it gone this year!!!  2018!!!  So throwing the question out there if anyone else has dealt with this.   Good luck to you through the season.  I hope your get some relieve. 

  • Kathy P

    Ah gotcha on the testing. I had a period of time when I struggled with candida overgrowth. But I did have more "outward" symptoms.

  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, @Marla, and welcome! Sounds like you've had a really frustrating time of things.

    Did you test positive to any environmental allergies? We have some members who have asthma, but not allergic asthma – @Pljohns is one of those. 

    Way to go on deciding that this year is the year you're going to figure things out and get to the bottom of this! Could you keep a to see if you can figure out if there are any patterns to your symptoms?

  • Marla

    Thank you Cynthia.  They did no testing for environmental allergies this time.  In 2002 or 2006 they did.  Nothing really showed up.  Keeping a journal … I did back in the 1990;s.  A very detailed journal … where I was, what the smells were, who I was with, what my emotions were at the moment, and what I had to eat.  All that in one column and when I coughed so severely in another column.  I noticed that about 2 hours or so after I would eat, I would start coughing.  I had started with a pulmanologist/allergy doctor.  Then a few years later I switched do an ENT/allergy doctor.  About this time I had gone on a high protein/low carb diet (had been researching candida at that time.  And my ENT doctor suggested going on Nystatin for the nasal congestion that I had.  She had just gone to a conference that discussed that fungal infection might be the problem in nasal congestion and not bacteria.  That is when I saw an improvement and the coughing started to lesson … the long, long coughing attacks were going away.  But still the cough daily … just not attacks.  I still was getting sinus infections … and in 2007 (lots of antibiotics … and finally had a pick line put in with intravenous antibiotics.  That finally got rid of the sinus infection. For now, I am not writing down in a journal, but I am being aware of what I eat and when I cough.  It seemed that when I ate wheat …that the coughing increased and more sinus drainage.   So I had stopped all wheat.  My doctor last week suggested I do a two week challenge and eat wheat daily for 2 weeks … so I did and the cough did not get worse.  So my whole thought on that has changed.  So I am back to candida … which at one time I was very allergic to it.  Skin testing done and huge reaction in the past.    Even though my testing now is negative for allergy of candida … I am going down that road of candida.  I am hoping my doctor will allow me to go on Nystatin for a couple of months and do a high protein/low carb diet for a couple of months and see what happens.  I have had other candida issues with my body …. so maybe the overgrowth of candida could be it.   If it is like.. if it walks like a duck and it sounds like a duck …. it is a duck.  With the other areas of candida that I have … and allergy to candida at one time….and my craving for carbohydrates … then maybe it is candida issue.   

  • K8sMom2002
    Marla posted:

    I noticed that about 2 hours or so after I would eat, I would start coughing..   

    Good for you for keeping a detailed diary in the past and keeping an eye on things right now.

    Hmmm … have doctors ruled out reflux? I know that reflux is a trigger for some of our members here, and that might be connected with when you eat. 

    I like to approach things in much the way you seem to — check one thing at a time and see if there's a difference. 

  • Marla

    Cynthia, Thanks for your reply.  I did have an esophagus probe inserted to test for GERD (acid reflux)  in 2003. (24 hours)  Now that was many years ago.  Nothing really seen.  If the high protein/low carb diet + Nystatin does not work … than that is the next area I will revisit.  

  • K8sMom2002

    I know this has to be EXTREMELY frustrating for you — your doctors seem to have picked up all the usual rocks and looked under them. Fingers crossed that you find something that helps! In the meantime, no matter what the cause or what the plan, we're here for you … it's tough having symptoms with no explanation or rhyme or reason. 

  • Marla

    thank you … I will keep everyone posted.  I am not horribly sick (like I once was) with all my symptoms, but I am tired of dealing with it! Time to find more answers! 

  • Megan Roberts

    Oh @Marla, just read through your whole saga of trying to figure out what is causing your current symptoms without any clear answers (yet). It sounds like you are being really proactive in your investigating — keeping a journal, trying to test one thing at a time. I don't have any additional suggestions that haven't been thrown out already, but wanted to chime in and say that we are here to cheer you on as you work towards a solution in 2018!  With that sort of persistent attitude, and close attention paid to your body's reactions and exposures, I believe you will find the answers you are looking for soon.

  • Shea

    I have heard people talk about candida. I think what I have heard is like: "dont feed it with a bunch of sugars", and "drink kombucha and probiotic stuff". Whether you are allergic or intolerant or just a regular human being, it seems like a lot of people are trying to minimize candida. I have heard of cleanses too. I havent done any of it because… I typically go for a more moderate route to things and dont make drastic changes because I have a severe disease and I worry that my body would stress to drastic changes. But, I have heard of others that swear by cleanses and drastic changes and … they are healthier than me.. And were healthier when they started the cleanse. I like changes that are like gentle breezes. So I have made the switch to buying organic fruits, veggies, sugar, milks and cheeses, as well as eating at home mostly (not out at restaurants too frequently), try to get my fruit and veggie servings in, adding substitutions fir milk like rice milk on my cereal, eating meat less often and when I do buying high quality, grass-fed… That type of stuff. But I am curious about candida so please keep sharing your journey and discoveries with us!

  • Marla

    Thank you every one.  I will let you know my journey.  I am trying to figure this out on my own since doctors don't believe in it.   I will try to let everyone know what my journey is and what the results are. I really do believe this is my problem and I am either allergic to candida, sensitive or intolerant.  In the past I WAS allergic to it, even though it does not show up now.  I have ordered three books on line, due in this week.  I have read extensively on the internet. On Sunday, I started the diet.  There seems to be different person's versions of what you can eat and what you can't eat.  But number one …eliminate all sugars and starches.  Eat vegetables (but not the starchy ones.)  Some say to eliminate all fruits except lemon and lime.  Some say you can have fruit.  So I am allowing a tiny bit of fruit in the diet like blueberries.  Stay away from foods that tend to grown mold (raspberries).  Some forms of cheese that are allowed, but not the aged cheeses … so I am allowing myself cottage cheese, cream cheese and mozzarella sticks.   Eggs, fish, poultry and meat allowed (some say to stay away from the red meats. – but also no lunch meats or processed meats.) No wheat products.  Some say no dairy, some say some, so I am allowing cheese.  They say no coffee, regular tea, sodas, diet sodas — can have some de-caf Herbal teas  SOOOOOOOOOOOO  I am learning to cook all over again.  At this moment I am keeping it simple.  The hard thing is what to take when I go to work.  I work at a winery tasting room and have no real breaks.  I would take the easy things to eat on the job … a banana, etc.  (Note:  There may be a component from the winery – watching it for the next couple weeks,   I notice my nose runs … could be the sulfites and histamines in the air  from the wine making process that is going on downstairs.)   I read that some people are sinsitive to these,  I also went to a health food store, after doing research on line.  I am taking supplements of Solaray Yeast Cleanse and Candex.  I am using these in place of going on the anti-fungal nystatin prescription medication.  So day one … less running nose and less cough.  Tomorrow I work, so I will see how that goes.   Everyone have a great day!


  • Marla

    Thank you Shea for your thoughts.  May 2018 be healthy for you and for me. 


  • K8sMom2002

    That sounds like a really hard diet to stick with … could you reach out to a registered dietitian to help you come up with ideas to keep your nutrition balanced? 

    You're not alone as you travel along … we're here for you! I do hope you can find a doctor who will assist you in your journey. 

  • Kathy P

    Wow Marla – you've done a lot of research! I remember finding similar things when I was having candida overgrowth issues years ago – all sorts of info and hard to tell which to trust. I tried a lot of different things and was never sure which really knocked things out. But I have not had a re-occurrence.

    I hope the diet helps – we can help brainstorm meals.

  • Marla

    thank you for your thoughts.  in reality i can have fruits, dairy (cheese), vegetables, meats, eggs, poultry, fish, oils/fats .. the thing i am missing are the grains. oh and i can have almond milk. i can have substitute flours as almond flour and coconut flour.  it is a hard diet and from my understanding, i can be a little more lenient after a couple of months.  at that time eliminate the junk food / simple carbohydrates.    It is very similar to the high protein / low carb diet. Paleo diet. Atkins diet and south beach diet.  my degree is in home economics, taught nutrition and wellness, worked in a nutrition department for 10 years, and worked for Jenny Craig.  i know quite a bit about nutrition, probably almost as much as an R.D.   but i will keep a nutritionist in mind.  

  • Marla

    I can't do bakery foods or processed foods.  it used to be called "shop the walls".  it use to be that the fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats and breads were on the outside walls of a grocery store … that was where electricity and water could be found.  just stay out of the middle of boxed and canned items.

  • K8sMom2002

    Sounds like you have the background to know how to balance your diet and get all your nutrients in, then! 

    Since you can do nuts, you might be able to use almond flour/meal or bean flour … I know we use garbanzo bean flour as a substitute for corn meal in a flat bread called socca (it tastes like a thin "pone" of southern cornbread), and I use it as well for dredging fish to make it "country-style" instead of using cornmeal. 

    And then there are the paleo hacks, too … cauliflower "rice" or "potatoes," and I've heard of people using pureed cauliflower to thicken gravies. 

    I'm assuming potatoes (either sweet or white) and rutabagas and turnip roots would be off limits? 

  • Shea

    Interesting. I have a lot of food allergies, and one happens to be to grapes/wine but, since becoming asthmatic, I also became highly sensitive to sulfites and cannot have any dried fruits or wines made from other fruits that I can eat fine fresh. 

    I also am allergic to nuts. My son is allwrgic to soy and legumes as well as nuts.

    I am interested in the supplements for antifungal. I had fungal skin outbreaks in the past after being diagnosed with my immune disease (churg-strauss syndrome). I am going to ask my doctor about it to see if she knows anything.

    Is there a test for candida?– How do you know if you have it? 

    … I know Im not ready for this diet you are on now …because I love caffeine …and I feel like it is the only thing I have left that helps me get through the day… But I am watching, and if doing these things really helps you feel better I may take that into consideration… But I might start doing some of the things you mentioned just to start practicing and getting confortable with them. I already eat a lot of gluten-free things, and try not to eat too many carbs and keep the starches in check. But I may start watching the cheeses more, and the fruits that are prone to mold. Thank you again for sharing!

  • Marla

    It was nice to read your message.  Starting in  1974 I got  sinus infection that led into coughing and would not get better.  Severe severe coughing.  I was treated for years by some as if I had asthma.  I was told I had asthma.   But it turns out I don't.  I was told i was a medical challenge.. The hardest was finding doctors who would listen to you.  I found some very good doctors who would work with me/   I fought my insurance  company to pay for a week of medical testing done at the number one lung hospital in the usa … National Jewish in Denver.  I went and had 10 days of out patient testing.  They really were not able to figure it out.  They said it might be this … is this … or this.  So I left with no answers them  At this time someone at wotk mentioned the Protein Power book.  He had said his father coughed like me … so on the way home I bought the book.  You eat high proteins and low carbs on the diet.  I had a new doctor who tested me for allergies.  They came  up  major reactions to all the molds, wheat. yeast. brewers yeast, and candida.  She and I would discuss different options I could try.  Something we had read.  The doctor a couple of weeks later the doctor went to a convention.  She heard that sinus infections can be caused by fungus and not bacteria.  She put me on an antifungal drug Nystatin.  It is a prescription.   between the nystatin and High Protein  low carb diet I started to regain my health and the sinuses improved and the coughing had improved.  Never gone.  I have made it my mission this year to find the answer. I have caoghed every day of my live since 1994.

    Next post on why I think I have issues with Candida.


  • Marla

    Why do I think I have this issue.  One is that I had it in the past and the high protein / low car diet with nystatin helped.   Another allergy skin test in 2003 showed major reaction to candida … he tested me three times that day for candida.  

    It also happens several hour after I eat.  My way of thinking it take a little bit of while for the food to get to the candida …. and then they dance and do their thing.

    I also have other issues related to candida …. Athletes feet, nail fungus infection,  ulcerated sores other areas from an allergic reaction to candida, i have it at the corners of my mouth and it is not going away.  If I treat it, it also gets well …. but then it comes right back within a day.  I grave sugar, 

    You asked about testing.  There are several they can do.  I did not do all of them.  I did the allergy skin prics.  And I also sent blood out to be tested.  The ran tests on the blood  for a food panel and a mold panel.  I had them do one more on the Candida Panel.  Candida was in the mold section as well.  They were looking for IGE,  If you have IGE show up, you are allergic.  Mine did not show up … so for me they say I am not allergic.  I can be sensitive or intolerant of them.  Now for the candida panel it is for IGG, IGA, and IGM.  I reacted to them  … meaning my numbers were up higher than they should be … one way higher.  In general it means I have yeast overgrowth in my body.  

    Other testing they can do is  a stool sample.  

    Dr William Crook wrote the first book on the subject.  THE YEAST CONNECTION  but the medical profession did not buy into his theory.  One doctor that I had here in CHarlottesville VA … knew Dr. Crook and the Yeast Connection.  That doctor left the practice.  Dr. William Crook died in 2002


    Good night everyone. 


  • Shea

    Thank you so much for your replies, they are so valuable– I have got some good starting ground to get educated with.

    I have to say I would imagine it would be difficult to get a new theory published and given credit when your name is Dr. Crook, lol. Poor guy, no disrespect though, I am really interested in what he has got to say!

    I am totally with you on the desire to figure out some root causes and get my symptoms more under control. 14 years of coughing every day for you, I can imagine is frustrating. I have been dealing with my disease for 6 years now, and I have been stuck in my progress, so I am also playing detective right now–and I am going to Sherlock Holmes my way outta this! Thanks again for sharing the tid bits of knowledge

  • K8sMom2002

    Welcome, @GinnyB! Do you think that issue contributes to your other health issues?

    Marla, how frustrating your experience has been — National Jewish is one of the top pulmonary hospitals in the nation, and I've heard folks say many good things about it. I'm glad you found something that helped your symptoms. 

    Kids With Food Allergies, the food allergy division of AAFA, has a great resource on understanding testing for food allergies —  and . 

    Shea, you are such a good researcher and you work so well with your doctors! I know your hunt for answers will be rewarded!

  • Rob

    Hi Marla, 

    I must say that you are not alone. My wife and daughter are both unfortunately allergic to mold. My daughter more than my wife but they are have been prescribed some pills and even injections if it gets really bad. Just wanted to comment on it since I deal with it first hand. 

  • Shea

    Thanks Ginny and Rob for your replies, it is good to know others deal with this. My son was skin tested for molds and a lot of them popped up positive. Is candida a mold or fungus, and Ginny, how did you determine you had a candida problem and how did you resolve it?

    My son ate raspberries the other day and got itchy armpits–which is usually a sign of minor allergy for him. After Marla said part of her diet is avoiding fruits prone to mold, that made me think it could be that (even though the berries did not look moldy). Then I thought about how my son has oral allergy syndrome to a lot of foods, like cucumbers he cannot east during ragweed because they cross-react, but other times a year he loves cucumbers, and no reaction. So I think since molds can be high in February in Florida and we had lots of rain/humidity recently, he may be cross-reactive to molds too in foods and in air. So I am adding that part of not eating fruits prone to molds to our diet. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Welcome, @Rob! How long have your wife and daughter been allergic to mold? 

    @Shea, could you talk to your son's allergist about whether molds can have cross-reactions for oral allergies like cucumber or other foods your son has to avoid during ragweed season? That way you could figure out if avoiding certain fruits would have a benefit that outweighed losing the nutritional value from those fruits. 

  • Shea

    It may not be the same as "cross-react"– I dont think that is the term for avoiding fruits that are prone to mold. I did read:

    Mold can trigger allergies and respiratory issues. Some molds even produce toxins that can cause cancer.


    The best thing to do to prevent mold from growing on your fruit is to make sure you keep the humidity levels in check in your home. Avoid wet towels, dishrags or sponges that may harbor mold and allow mold spores to travel through the air to your fruit. Clean your refrigerator with baking soda or bleach every three months."

    I do think if I am diligent when picking out fruits and we eat them in the first 2 days, and my fridge is clean, and I wash them well beforehand, we will be OK with them. I try to buy organic and that I think can be an issue becayse yay no pesticides but boo to more chances of mold. I just need to be picky when getting them. 

    I just a read bunch if stuff about cross-reactors for mold allergy–which made ALOT of sense to mysterious things my son says, like sometine ketchup and OJ bothering him) and it freaked me out and overwhelmed me, so I am going to return to that research later but Im not sure I can handle it now… But I really believe it and it probably can help me so I will revisit it soon. 

  • Marla

    I am diligent as well.  I also buy fresh, eat within 2 days, wash well, and check for eye seen molds before I eat.   We do have to keep some balance in our mind set. 


  • Shea

    … It is just basically like that they use moldy fruits and tonatoes to make juices and ketchup!!!!!— wtf!?! And it doesnt help to buy these things "organic" if they are doing that!!! Im not avouding ketchup and juice or … I cant sven say it… Coffee!!!!– they say alot of it is made with moldy beans… Well that is just cray cray…. Stop making our foods with moldy stuff people!!!!! Now Im goung to have to grow my own organic garden AND make all my stuff from scratch….. Omg. 

  • Marla

    And peanuts and peanut butter.  I agree.  It is HARD.  I am much better than I once was 20 years ago … at that time I really thought I was going to have to live in a bubble for relieve from molds and triggers.. like the bubble boy.  I wish you the best in finding your path.   Marla

  • K8sMom2002

    Shea, hugs — it sounds like you know your limits about when to back away from research. Research should help you and not hurt you, and if it's stressing you out, then could you give it a break for a bit? 

    Could you talk to your doctor and see what your doc recommends?

    Marla, I like your approach. It sounds like a very commonsense approach!

  • Shea

    I try to listen to my body, and teach my son to do the same… And when I read some of these things it is like all mysterious things our bodies were telling us makes sense. I just am going to try to eat fresh and incorporate some very healthy foods into our routine, and then know that there will be times that I eat ketchup and canned tomatoes and juices, and if I or he feel bad afterward, I will at least know why. Mostly I am just trying to find some good foods that are part of our regular diet. Both of us are nutritionally-sound as far as my latest bloodwork and he is full of energy, so I feel confident that I know I can make surevwe are getting out vitamins, and proteins in.. I just am finding better ways to do that, so that he is not saying "mom, the orange juice made my mouth itchy", or "my armpits are itchy"–and the only thing zi can think of is the ketchup because everything else on his plate he has had before with no reaction… Those mystery things are now making sense to me.

    I know that they need to make foods economical, but I just feel like in general the FDA needs to do better to make sure our food is safe, and each time I read about moldy foods being used to make ketchup, or animals being grossly mistreated, or scientists genetically-altering foods, or ridiculous amounts of pesticides being put on foods–I get really upset and it these bad foods are really causing health problems and environmental problems… So many studies shiwing high amounts of pesticides in our urine, growth hormones creating giant bad bacteria in our guts, antibiotics killing good bacteria, allergies, asthma, it is a huge part of diseases…. And I, personally, am especially sensitive because of intestinal surgeries in the past, and my allergies, and then managing my son with eczema and his allergies.

    The research is not the bad thing–it is just what is happening that is bad– the research and listening to our bodies and understanding and being able to alter diet to improve–those are all good things… And they do make me feel better in the long run.

    There is not much to go over with the doctor in the realm of skin tests–I know what molds and environmentals he tested positive for on skin tests and has had reactions to. We dont have a dietician, and I do food journal and note what causes a reaction when. Most of the things related to molds in foods are not causing big reactions, they are just "filling the bucket" and creating a cumulative effect. I just think eating fresher, avoiding some of these foods flagged in my research, and making more meals from scratch, are my next steps.