Hypoallergenic insecticide

I am pretty sure that I asked this question but I can't find the post.

I finally got my co-op to do a deep cleaning of my kitchen and bathroom. But now that shyster lawyer says that there is 'no such thing' as an hypoallergenic insecticide. Other than boric acid, does anyone know of one? It can be something ''off the shelf", a chemical, an essential oil, etc.





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  • Melissa G

    That is something I have never heard of. If you find one, please share. I hope you are able to find one. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Yay that they are doing a deep clean!

    Hypoallergenic is more of a marketing term, kind of like "natural" on foods — not much in the way of certification or regulation. Have you thought about asking pest control companies if they use something called That works with the life cycle of the bugs. It may not be right for you, so you'd need to talk with your doc … but again, I'd reach out to entomology experts and see what they might suggest. Were you ever able to talk with someone at a college or university?