Hay Fever?

I've mentioned previously that I am in the midst of spring cleaning; yesterday was day two for me. Towards the end of the afternoon yesterday, the corners (mainly one corner) of my mouth began itching really badly. And it's continued to today as well. I put Benadryl cream on it but it hasn't offered much relief. There is no sign of a crack, my lips are not dry, and it's not even red looking (except for when I rub it). I'm wondering if this could be something like hay fever and related to my allergies. Has anyone else experienced this?

I do not think it is an additional food allergy since the inside of my mouth is not itching.


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  • Melissa G

    Have you changed your face wash or lotion lately? Could you be getting eczema there? My youngest will get eczema on her face when the seasons change. We have to use aquaphor on her face.

    If I get really symptomatic with seasonal allergies, my face and hands get itchy. I am hoping the big pollen explosion they are predicting for this weekend isn't as bad as expected. I so need to be outside to enjoy the warmer weather and sunshine. 

  • Kathy P

    My DD sometimes will get eczema in the corners of her mouth. But that is red and itchy. I've had itchy contact dermatitis. Maybe something you disturbed while cleaning? Is it getting any better or worse? 

  • CAPuttPutt

    It’s gotten better, no more itching. And no more numbness. It was odd, I’d put Benadryl on it and it would feel numb. 

    My face and eyes are itching today, and I’m congested but I spent yesterday outside at a family reunion so…..pretty sure those new symptoms are related to the outdoors. 

    I could’ve touched my face with cleaning residue on my hands…very possible. I try and wash my hands often but I know I sometimes can forget if I get distracted in the middle of something. 

    Thank you all for your replies 🙂 I love knowing I have a place to discuss issues like this with people who are caring and like-minded! 

  • K8sMom2002

    @CAPuttPutt, any chance that the cream had a numbing ingredient? I think I've seen that — it helps calm the itch. Glad you're feeling better.

    This spring weather has driven my DD absolutely bonkers — we've stuck with her plan to increase her antihistamine, but now we're needing to add a second med. Crossing fingers that it will work!

  • CAPuttPutt

    @K8sMom2002 It certainly could’ve, though I’m unsure. We’re on vacation at the moment or I’d go look (I’m curious now). 

    I had to stop using my antihistamines & nasal sprays due to my upcoming allergy testing next week. I took my last medicines Sunday night before bed. Today I’m so very congested, eyes are watering & itchy, nose is pouring constantly, sneezing, etc. I was a little congested when I woke up today, but when my mom and I stopped at Walmart to grab a few things real quick it hit me hard. My nose started burning, I was sneezing…in no time I was miserable. 

    We went flats fishing this afternoon for about 2 hours, and I was hoping the salt water/salty air would help open me up some. Sadly it did not. But we did catch a nice mess of fish & had a good time! 😁 🐠 

    Next Thursday can’t come quickly enough! 

  • Kathy P

    Hugs on being miserable off meds! No fun on vacation!

    I don't remember having to stop my nose spray for allergy testing. Can you double check with the doc whether there is anything you can take that won't interfere with testing? Have you ever done nasal rinses? 

  • K8sMom2002

    Ugh on the allergy symptoms when all you wanted was to enjoy the great outdoors and catch a few fish! I'm with Kathy: could you double check with your doc to see if you could use a nasal spray?

    I remember our first allergist allowed DD to use a nasal saline rinse during the two weeks leading up to her first SPT.

  • CAPuttPutt

    @Kathy P @K8sMom2002 The doctor said I can use a saline nasal rinse, but not my nasal spray. 

    I’m kind of out of luck as far as the things I can take until Thursday. Even my nausea medicine (for my migraies) are off limits. 

  • Melissa G

    Oh Caputtputt,  I am so sorry you are struggling so much! It stinks we have to go through so much to get testing done. I hope the next week goes by quickly and the testing helps.