Generic Xyzal

I had to switch to using xyzal last year. Zyrtec just wasn't cutting it anymore. All I could find the stores was the name brand and it is not cheap. Well, we ran out and I sent dh to the store. He texts me and asks if the generic is ok. I was like, what generic? I actually didn't trust he was looking at the right medicine.  He comes home and low and behold there is now a generic xyzal! Yipee! and it works! 


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  • dory2005

    So glad to find this out! DH just bought a double pack of Xyzal at Sam's or Costco's, but it's nice to know there's a generic! 

  • Melissa G

    We were at the parents on Monday for a cookout and my dad made the comment he had gone to get more xyzal and the pharmacist had told him there wasn't a generic for xyzal yet. I wish I could have videoed his facial expression when I told him there was one because we had a bottle at home. I felt bad for him. he still didn't believe me until I sent him a pic of the bottle.