February – Not Too Early to Prepare for Spring Allergies

While it still feels like winter, doctors say February isn't too early to start preparing for spring allergies.

Nearly one in five Americans suffer from hay fever. Starting early can help sufferers get a jump on things, especially if grass allergies are a problem.

"This is actually the right time to be thinking about the grass pollen season to start taking this therapy and front end things so that when the season hits you're protected," Dr. David Lang of the Cleveland Clinic said.


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  • Sue1949

    I have been thinking about spring, since we already have tulips. Any ideas as to preparations, besides keeping flowers out of my apartment?

  • Kathy P

    Stuff is already blooming here. There are flowers on the dogwoods already. It's been in the 70's!

  • Mandy

    Still have snow here but the weather is the most temperate it has been in years. It's a constant snow then thaw atmosphere here. The snow mold is something that always bothers me. I tend to stay in doors with my air purifier on full speed and have a bottle of Benadryl on hand. I think having a clean house is important so I need to let the dust bunnies fly (while wearing my mask of course) at some point. I'd love to hear what everyone else does! What medications and products you can't live without?? I added Singulair to my cocktail of medications this past August so I am interested to see if there will be a difference this Spring. 

  • Kathy P

    There are some tips here on – mainly it's trying to keep it out of the areas you spend the most time in.