Fatigue from allergies? How do you handle it?

Ugh, my spring allergies are really flaring! My asthma cough has kicked in. But the worst symptom seems to be fatigue. I've had this mildly before, but this year just seems worse.

Does anyone else deal with fatigue as a symptom? How do you combat it? or manage it? I'm hitting the caffeine then shaking by the end of the day!


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  • K8sMom2002

    :hug2: Kathy P!

    My poor DD … she's experiencing the same thing; she can't sleep at night because she's so stuffed up AND she's having standardized tests and cheer practice this week.

    We've had several days of pollen alerts in a row courtesy of the Weather Channel, but I would know it anyway based on her fatigue. 

    I try to get her to bed early so that she can sleep as much as possible — sleep heals many things.

    Also, things that have helped me in the past is ginger tea and micro naps … plus a back rub if I can con DH into giving me one! Just knowing that I need to be a bit more forgiving helps … I figure it doesn't stress my immune system as much and gives my body a chance to heal.

  • Kathy P

    Standardized testing and AP tests coming up for my ds and he's sounding really stuffed and looking tired. Ugh! We just need to make it through May!

  • K8sMom2002

    One more day of standardized testing for DD … she actually seems a little less stuffy and cough-y today, thank goodness. She spent the night at a friend's last weekend, and they have cats and dogs that sleep in their rooms.

    How's your guy? How are you?

  • Jen

    Ugh.  Sometimes I feel really wiped out from my allergies, particularly when I'm having sinus symptoms.  I try to treat the sinus symptoms with rinses and drink lots of water.  A little extra caffeine and/or a nap is helpful too.


    What have others found to be helpful?

  • Kathy P

    We are hanging in there….the weather has been totally wonky b/w rain, heat and cold.

    I'm not a stuffed up as I was and I've been trying to be more consistent w/ my meds.

    Da boy is doing OK for now. I was really worried that he was headed for a sinus infection but all the snot seems to have cleared up! Go figure!

    May is a rough month around here w/ finals and AP testing, so I need to make sure that his allergies don't add to that stress.

  • Bjarmstrong10

    My son is 9 and has asthma, environment allergies and an allergy to wheat.  He has been very tired the last week or so.  I keep waiting for him to get sick, but his peak flow scores are the highest they have been since October  (very rough winter with asthma flare ups and 2 cases of pneumonia and a viral infection that looked like pneumonia. Oh and being diagnosed with a wheat allergy) and o2 readings are 97 or 98.   Didn't realize allergies could cause the tired feeling.  

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, yeah, BJArmstrong10 … and besides that, two cases of pneumonia alone could take awhile to get over. I hate asthma flare-ups because they do leave you tired, and the rescue inhalers make things worse in the short term, at least for me. It takes awhile for the body to heal and mend. Good rest and good food will help, along with following his action plan for both asthma and food allergies. 

    It's great that you are consistently checking his peak flow and O2 readings — that can tip you off to at least some flare-ups before they get really out of hand.

    Have you checked out AAFA's sister website ? It's a been a big help to me since my DD has a food allergy as well.

  • Bjarmstrong10

    Thank you for the link.  Food allergy is about a month old.  I'm trying to learn all I can.  I think it might have been a trigger for his asthma.  He goes for a lung function test at the end of the month and if not we'll controlled by then he will probably have a sleep study as well.   The pneumonia was difficult to get over. He missed about 30 days of school as a result.  He sat out of PE for a while trimester. We are also watching his thyroid as its been a little elevated in 2 blood tests so far.  I know he has a lot going on these past 6 months.  He is doing so much better that the tiredness caught me off guard.  He has had asthma since he was 2, but this year has been the worst and I've learned so much!

  • K8sMom2002

    Was he in the hospital or on bedrest for an extended time? If so, it could be as simple as him losing muscle mass. Now he's feeling better, but he's having to build up that muscle mass again, so he gets a bit more tired more easily. Basically when you lose muscle mass, your existing muscles have to work harder to do the same job, so they get more fatigued more quickly. And you can lose muscle mass very quickly during an extended illness.

    This nursing journal article says that  following a very short period of bedrest. 

    But the good thing is that kids are more resilient than grownups. If the muscle mass loss is the underlying reason, then he should gradually build up his strength through regular exercise and outdoor play. Do ask your doctors about this. Also, the lung function and sleep study tests should tell you lots!

    As for the wheat allergy, I can't say enough good things about the KFA forum — when my DD was DX'd with food allergies, the good ladies on there helped me figure out lots of safe "subs" — substitutes — for our allergy set. Those ladies ROCK!!

  • Bjarmstrong10

    Never thought about loosing muscle.   He was sick for 2 weeks at home with the first pneumonia and then about 2 weeks later he came down with the second case in the other lung.  He was hospitalized for 5 days at the Children's hospital.   He was released the middle of December and stayed off school until after Christmas break. The viral infection/flare up was right before Easter.   He was cleared to do PE again the middle of March but just has to take his inhaler 30 minutes before.   He is playing baseball right now as well.  Basically all winter he was down and now going at things full steam ahead. Will definitely keep eye on him and talk to dr at his appt at the end of this month.  Thank you!

  • K8sMom2002

    The only reason I thought about it at all is my past experience with my mom. She had asthma and COPD, and when she couldn't exercise due to shortness of breath and extended hospital stays, she began losing muscle mass. It really was a vicious cycle for her — she'd have less muscle to use, so she'd give out more quickly, and then she'd find herself "resting" more and losing MORE muscle. It was only when I learned of how quickly you could lose muscle mass that I truly understood what she was going through. 

    While exercise IS important, make sure he isn't wiping himself completely out — or if he is, that he has adequate recovery time. Muscles rebuild themselves during "rest periods."  That's why body builders don't lift weights every day. Make sure, too, that his diet has adequate protein — do ask his doctor about what you can do to bolster that recovery. Sounds like he's doing well aside from the fatigue … hopefully things will take care of themselves.

  • Kathy P

    Asthma and food allergies can be a tricky combination. Sometimes the start of a food allergy reaction can look like asthma. When it does, often people will treat the asthma and it delays treatment of the anaphylaxis. This is an archived .

  • K8sMom2002

     Too true, Kathy P! Excellent advice and insight as always!

    I love KFA's webinars — they're so helpful, and I really appreciate the bedrock of medical accuracy that they are based upon. 

    BJArmstrong, how's that kiddo of yours doing?